It may be called a beta, but that hasn’t stopped VDMX from being a favorite in big live gigs. Here is powering przemion’s rig in Amsterdam.

VDMX5 may be “perpetually in beta”, but oh, what a beta it is. The latest version includes some major breakthroughs, a new render engine, lots of new features — and significant signs that VDMX may be nearing its milestone non-beta release. And don’t bother mentioning the “beta” status to the many people for whom this insanely rich, Mac-only VJ app is the center of live visual sets. VDMX has been rock solid, and keeps getting better.

VDMX5 public beta 6.9.0 now available [Vidvox User Forums]

New in this release:

  • Faster rendering: A new render engine with vastly improved performance – and OpenGL add/over blend modes (“extremely fast,” say Vidvox)
  • Smarter sizing: Smart auto-sizing and syncing size
  • Stills: Better still image / texture support
  • Interactive Web sources: Live use of Flash files and even Web pages (evidently including applets like Processing), with basic interaction
  • Slicker effects: Layer-specific effects preset chains, new delay and RGB delay FX (I always enjoy a little RGB delay), and better effects management

More documentation and improvements are coming, as well.

The render engine is clearly the worthy headline here, but I think people will be very, very excited about including Flash and Processing sketches. I have to give that a try. (CDMotion’s own vade hacked his own solution, routing visuals between apps on Leopard — but, of course, better integration would be great.)

It’s also worth noting that this yet again demonstrates that “native” visual support isn’t always better — that is, OpenGL in this case trumped the Mac-only Core Image for blending modes. Obviously, you use whatever works best, and that is at least in some cases the cross-platform API.

As VDMX plows forward, it’s not alone. Just to mention one rival, <resolume 3 for both Mac and Windows should keep this category heated up. (See CDM’s previous preview.) Resolume is now on Twitter if you want to stalk — erm, follow — the creators.

  • I spent a couple hours working with the beta, and was very impressed. There's a not-insignificant learning curve, but the modular interface goes far at allowing for customization.

    I do wish it was clearer in the VDMX GUI what is active, and how the different boxes are linked together.

    It also is pretty easy to choke the app and cause it to crash if you add too many layers and effects. That's generally a good thing, because you can push it really far. But. New users (me) don't always know what's too far.

    With OSC, and Quartz extensibility; as well as Vidvox's years and years of vj app development experience…very exciting.

    Are GRID Pro or past VDMX users upgrading to VDMX5, or is their user base coming from other apps?

  • dave e

    What i am wondering is if VDMX is going to go the AV route like Resoulume team.

  • taperecorder

    vdmx already works well for AV

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