Audience from Chris O’Shea on Vimeo.

Chris O’Shea and rAndom International have completed a lovely installation at the Royal Opera House (UK). 64 mirrors move, each distinctively, to follow moving attendees who catch their “attention.” The installation is powered by Chris’ custom code and rAndom’s hardware and circuits, build on C++, OpenFrameWorks, and Intel’s ubiquitous open source computer vision library OpenCV.

I really enjoy how elegant the resulting design is, and the way it fragments the faces of viewers in a sea of mirrors, bobbing around with simulated intelligence.

Audience for Deloitte Ignite Festival [Project Page, Chris O’Shea]

I expect this could inspire other computer vision projects, or motorized screen concepts in place of mirrors.

Here’s what the video analysis software interface looks like:

See also: other photos of Audience on Flickr

  • Fantastic concept. I'd love to see some video from the view of the participant, so we can tell what it looks like to have 64 robotic mirrors following you around.

  • Michael Una

    Judging by audience participation, that project was a complete success. You've done it right when people abandon their sense of "I"m looking at serious art" and simply play.

  • Great work, engaging and fun.

  • Interesting combination of technologies, really pretty.

    Just wish it wasn't under the auspice of Deloitte…a big Mccain supporter and all around a scummy corp.

  • Participation is the key. What a lovely and inspiring exhimotion.

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