At your desk, you want another few moments with FL Studio or Live or Pd or Pro Tools or (your app here). Then, you kick back on the couch or on the bus to play with … more music software. Yep, you’re one of us. Here’s the latest from the world of Nintendo DS music apps.

First off, a couple of you write to say your preorders for the Korg DS-10 cartridge have been delayed until October 14 for the US. (The cartridge was released in Japan over the summer, and we had previously heard September 30.) This does line up with the anticipated European release, though.

For a better sense of what the DS-10 looks like, here’s a nice video from YouTube user Denkitribe, who has been carefully producing all sorts of hands-on videos. (high-quality link) Take a close look: as I’ve said before, I think there are design lessons from mobile apps that may carry over to how other music hardware and software is designed.

Meanwhile, in the homebrew scene, the step sequencer / soft synth / sampler will be released free, joining other lovely DS homebrew for music. (See Palm Sounds.) CDM got to break the news on GrooveStep, and as it happens, we have another couple of announcements to make about this; stay tuned. Currently closed beta, but we should have release info and hands-on for you soon. GrooveStep also lets you load your own samples, so there’s no question this can be a tool as well as a toy.

GrooveStep homepage

For a feel for what GrooveStep can sound like, its creator played with it during CDM’s Futuristic Music Night at NASA Ames Research Center in the spring:

  • dead_red_eyes

    Damn, that is hot!!

  • groove step looks dead simple, but loads of fun…

  • Its kinda too bad about groovestep being freeware.. Hopefully there will be more commercial apps if the ds-10 is succesful..

  • @peter: well, the problem is the distribution channel not being open on mobile systems, aside from the GamePark, and there just aren't enough of those around. I wonder if we can earn these things more attention.

  • tjphillips

    I think the ds-10 will be successful. I bought a ds just to run it and i'm not a big games console user. The demos sound great. THis looks great as well, look forward to getting my groovestep on. 😉