Looking for ways to liven up your festival appearances, fellow visualists? A little audience participation sure doesn’t hurt. Then again, maybe it’s just that those Dutch festival goers are cooler. (Hug a nurse!)

Team Eboman writes us:

At the last Lowlands festival in the Netherlands Eboman made a new composition in collaboration with the audience. With a team he collected videosamples with the audience and impressions of the festival which resulted in the following collaborative video composition of the festival. The tracks were also performed during the festival by Eboman in his SenSorSuit.

dSenSorSuit = played by Eboman Camera = played by Mascha Rutten Software = SenS IV by www.smadsteck.nl For more info visit: www.eboman.info/projects

Whether this is your gig or not, I really like seeing people interacting with a visualist and having a good time. And I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of ways people can get involved in live performance. Visualists aren’t to blame, anyway — I think the DJ trend, not computer musicians or artists, is really what drove the performer behind a piece of hardware and away from connecting with the audience. It’s not always a bad thing, but it’s good to actually make the choice in your performance and remember what your options are.

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with making people smile.

I’m working on an Eboman interview; stay tuned.

  • cat

    PipsLab played at a gig with us last year http://www.pipslab.nl/
    They did realtime av samples as part of their performance, TBH I was blown away by so many things they did, unfortunatly their site doesnt really showcase all of them, but accumulated light drawings, slices through a 3d model and filmed with an a accumulating camera, shooting upwards into a mirrored light bulb to do some live 360 video, and more, so I think its just the Dutch are Crazy! Or they get good arts funding (which I think is also the case!)
    Puts all the av barking dog samplists in their place when you see this kind of thing though doesnt it? Top stuff

  • cat

    Actually they've got some on their myspace http://www.myspace.com/pipslab
    The washing machine conspiracy was the one I saw, as well as a "vj" set they did the night before was also amazing!

  • I've been doing realtime video sampling/looping with a little hardware device and software I put together. It's a security camera screwed onto a game controller, and a FreeFrame video plugin that responds to the buttons on the controller letting me start/stop/insert/overlay up to four video loops. Very portable, very interactive, and lots of fun. I call it LoopyCam.

  • C.Nek

    I wonder why comments aren't raining, I was so impressed when I saw the first Eboman vidéo. So Am I this time, can't wait for an interview.

    I'd like to know more about this SensorSuit, but also about the processing of samples (are they auto-cropped ?) etc.