Wesen of Ruin & Wesen has been doing some amazing stuff with the MachineDrum – and sharing every last detail with friends via the Web.

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We’ve already seen his DIY hardware, including a joystick for the MonoMachine. Here’s my favorite hack so far, though: using the MIDI Command hardware, he’s set up his MachineDrum as a 16-voice polyphonic synth. That means, instead of just tweaking buttons and such, you can actually hook up a keyboard. (Hmmm… so, Keyboard Magazine, can I now write a MachineDrum + MIDI Command review for you?)

Joy of Streaming: I like Wesen’s latest idea — he’s live-streaming an informal apartment from his studio online using the service Stickam.com. Stickam carries events like the live BFF premiere with Paris Hilton. This particular stream is … well … a bit different in tone. (Think an international convergence of music tech lovers chatting about details of Wesen’s setup. Paris, you don’t know what you’re missing. Music is hot.) 

If you want to join us, the event is happening now, and I’m sure there will be more like this soon:

Sign up (for chat capability) at: http://www.stickam.com/viewJoin.do

Watch at: http://ruinwesen.com/live

Live streaming could be a great way to connect with fans of your work, try out new setups as you’re developing them, or just to hang out. I keep meeting people doing amazing work who aren’t in the same place geographically. (Imagine online hackathons.) So, that brings me to my next questions:

  • Seen any interesting uses of live streaming for music?
  • Any good tips on the best services / servers to use? (Maybe it makes more sense to use a DIY server solution, or are the hosted servers an easier way to go?)

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m back to listening to Wesen and cleaning my apartment, or I’m not going to be able to do any streaming events any time soon.

Updated – recording: If you weren’t there last night, here’s the technological highlight from Wesen’s hardware, plus an MP3 of the music:

Thanks to everybody who was there, it was super fun! Sadly the video recording option on stickam broke down and didn’t save the recording, but here is an mp3 of the liveset: Stickam Liveset. I was not very concentrated so it is quite raw, and when I was chatting I was not changing much, but it was super fun to play. I presented the new feature for the MIDI Command: tweak recording, turn a knob and record it, and it will play back tempo synced to the controlled device. It’s a very useful feature, very easy to use, and allows for a host of new possibilities.

  • the_woof

    Hobnox.com has something they call Livetool. It's in beta right now and I don't think it streams video but it does audio. I have a membership that lets me access it (got it so I could use the flash-based tr-909s and tb-303s), but I'm not performance-ready yet, so I haven't tried it.

  • I tuned in tonight and it was awesome!

    yummy tunage, and awesome talent.

    would tune in again!

    thanks for the heads up Peter!

  • gbsr

    uh yeah, dammit. i cant remember the name but i once had this really neat application made with maxmsp that was basicly a kind of modular sequencer, only that you connected with several other users who were also running the software and you could add/delete and change stuffs together. so basicly an streaming online performance tool. damn, if only i remembered the name, because i really wanna start playing with it again.

  • Certainly Monolake has his networked performance sequencer — that's all great stuff, for sure! Someone even mentioned that on chat.

    I rather meant just a better straight video streaming server as I wasn't entirely in love with Stickam. It works, but perhaps there's something better?

  • Hey peepz,

    it was super fun, thanks to everybody who attended. Sadly stickam video recording didn't work (… second time that happens), but I made a mp3 recording (forgot to record the first hour :).


    I really enjoy doing this, you get great feedback, you have an audience when you're practicing, and it's just a good laugh. Doing this again as soon as I have new tunage and features to demonstrate/practice.

  • crumar

    great show last night. enjoyed it very much.

    dont know if this is relevant but http://www.digitalmusician.net is supposed to deliver non latency co-op music making. havent tried it myself tho´

  • gbsr

    @Peter, oh i thought you meant streaming creative things heh. like a live stream collaboration platform etc. my bad 🙂

  • Well, slightly different but live online music makes me only think of Ninjam, my favorite collaborative jam environment and community online.

    It baffles me why you don't give it more coverage Peter:

    It's free, comes stand alone, or included with REAPER (ReaNinjam), plus everything is archived online automatically and the relatively new "Session Mode" for creating tracks with people in real time is outstanding…

  • I was just thinking basic video streaming; what we saw here wound up being super easy for the streamer and those watching, alike. But yes, these other services are likewise interesting. And yeah, they should be high on the story priority list … never enough time.

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  • good to see these doods doing well and getting noticed.

    em411 reprazent