Yep, we could even ask Matthew Dear (aka Audion) for tambourine playing tips. Photo: David G. Jones.

Okay, readers around the world. There’s a convergence of electronic musicians and visualists here in NYC at Minitek this weekend. Here are your choices:

Music lineup
Innovation Day Artists
Visualists for the Innovation Night Lineup

I’ve got myself. I’ve got a video crew. You’ve got, I think, pretty wildly divergent tastes — and many of you aren’t electronic musicians. But I’m curious, which interviews would you most want to read / watch? (I promise we’ll ask probing questions, and we’re not just limited by celebrity, either.)

I’ve never put this out to readers before, but then CDM’s ability to cover events and artists is finally starting to expand to what I’d like. (Not that I ever get tired of talking tech, but I think it’s nice to cover, you know, music, too!) So I’m curious not just what I think but, given your combined experience and taste, what you think. Let us know.

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  • I would love to read / watch interviews of people playing livesets and the way they put them together. I'm not so much interested in the gear or the software or the actual technicalities, but more about if they play songs, how they think about structure, what they play when playing live, how they basically consider their instrument/computer/serato . I found richie hawtins setup video where he shows his traktor setup nice, and I would like something like that, but more about the music. I don't really how to explain it, but I would like something that goes a bit beyond "it's all about the interaction with the crowd". I bet a lot of these musicians are real music/sound geeks that have very interesting stories to tell in that regard.

  • Yeah, wesen, I'm entirely with you. Of course, that's a matter of just watching the acts and seeing who's really doing interesting stuff. Unfortunately, there are artists whom I just love as producers — and then they show up and do a really dull DJ set. So I'm expecting the folks with "(live)" listed after their name are promising, though even that isn't a guarantee.

    (Speaking of which, we really need more true live PA series and festivals… but that's another story.)

    So, anyone who has seen these folks live and loved it and wished they could have ambushed the artist afterward, consider us your soldiers. 😉

  • ali

    lets just ignore R. Hawtin. i would like to see a alkarex interview.

  • js

    i'd like to read about the tenori-on performance by norman fairbanks, and what modifications were made to the tenori-on.

    also the mit guys [nyte], but mostly because i live in boston and worked at mit [many moons ago …]


  • larhule

    How about anyone who doesn't switch between two record players while associating themself with an event titled with the misleading misnomer of "innovation"? Slim pickins!

  • Actually, the "innovation" portion is kept separate. But my hope is that there will in fact be some innovation happening elsewhere in the event.

    Keep the requests coming.

    Norman Fairbanks is definitely in; he and I are in touch! (Actually, heard both from him and from Yamaha UK, so Norman, you're on, if I can ever figure out when your set time is!)

  • tony

    I would like Monolake, Timedrained, Solar fields, Carbon Base Lifeforms,



  • @tony: Great choices. Except they're not playing.

    First, Brooklyn, then (later) the world!

  • I vote for James Patten and Albert Hwang.

  • septo

    The exact same thing wesen said.

  • Mattbot

    In the visuals arena, I'd be interested in what Devan Simunovich is doing these days. He was my favorite San Francisco VJ before he took off to New York.

  • PLP


    The medium doesn't make or break innovation, the music does.

  • parma

    Audion/Matthew Dear


  • I vote for Jeremy P. Caulfield

  • Ashley

    audion, mandy, the minus kids…


  • Lu

    An innovation festival without James Holden or any bordercomm-artist? haha..

  • trpfntn


    paul ritch

    francois k

  • el capitan

    Hello… Great Blog… I am interested to know how and when they started making music etc and what wesen said

  • Offender

    Konrad Black!

    This guy is just a mistery, little info on the web, blogosphere, and anywhere you look

  • audion and all the innovation ones. no hawtin please.

  • Rinko

    i am a hawtin fan but perhaps he is of sufficiently high profile already to be a low priority for this. i'm not familiar with any of the other artists listed so will trust other people's judgments and look forward to being enlightened. thanks!

    @ PLP – I agree 100%. there seems to be a lot of people thinking up new and exciting ways of making unoriginal and ininteresting music (imho).

  • scottl

    james patten for sure – loved his audiopad concept + the awesome geiger counter UPC reader for corporate malfeasance and environmental damage.

  • Kevin

    Anyone doing live stuff would be great and ALL of the innovation people are interesting but don't cross the DJ's off the list. Not just interesting controllers, but how they are used, how are their "decks" and sets structured.

    The traktor v ableton debate isn't as interesting as how digital dj's are thinking it through using software. Is it the 1's and 2's in 0's and 1's or real time looping, edits of things, midi and outboard gear synched, stuck at 120 bpm or fluid, eq and effects like a traditional mixer?

  • I personally would love an interview with the Minilogue guys :D. They have such pure and inovative music. I hope they attend. Also I'd like to read interviews of Paul Ritch, Anthony Collins, the dudes @ Kollektiv Turmstrasse. These are all guys that are taking it up to the next level with each release/remix. Let's not forget, RICHIE HAWTIN!

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  • J

    Please, let's forget Richie Rich. or anyone one else on Minus. I know your kinda new to the electronic music scene Peter, but trust me, we've heard it all before.

    Why don't you interview Pan-Pot?

    Or if you want an "innovator", how about Baby Ford?

  • Well, okay, now we have more than enough *negative* votes that I'm absolutely going to talk to Hawtin and see if he'll say something different than what he normally says. And, yeah, this festival is a bit of Minus overload, but I think we can put together something interesting. It it what it is … and if the current electronic scene is going to get past Minus, to be something Minus isn't, then maybe best to reevaluate what Minus is.

  • i'm in for baby ford and minilogue as well! ++ on asking richie some controversial from the trenches questions

  • J

    @Peter – If the current electronic scene is going to get past m_nus, then magazines and blogs need to stop quoting the PR copy almost verbatim. Its like at the turn of the century they all stopped promoting trance and picked up on the trendy euro-mnml.

    And yes, it is what it is – So why don't you interview a REAL electronic music "innovator" Derrick May?? I know he's not going to be at Minitek, but he's one of the cats who brought this music around the world in the first place.

  • In terms of covering this weekend, I'm sort of limited to covering this weekend.

    I'm missing Baby Ford on the schedule … where is that?

    I would be inclined not to call people innovators except in very special circumstances. I'm not entirely certain what the label means.

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  • Radon

    @ j

    oh pls…forget richie and interview pan-pot?!

    i don't know in which country you're living but it's pretty obvious that the minus-sound has been an huge influence on the pan-pot guys.

    and derrick may was an innovator in the last century.

    anyway it is quite funny to read so much hatin' on hawtin 🙂

    interviews with mr. dear are always welcome. konrad black would be cool (i love his style) or troy pierce (i've never read anything on how he produces his tracks, e.g. his louderbach-stuff).

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