What if controllers were not only wireless and multi-touch, but could find software to control automatically, or share control between more than one person or more than one computer? On one-level, yes, Mrmr is a free and open source OpenSoundControl app for iPod and iPhone. But on a deeper level, it’s an illustration of how controllers could work in the future — not only Apple mobiles and multi-touch, but any control hardware and software. Imagine intelligently finding and sharing control seamlessly, whether you’re mixing music and visuals or sharing control with other people or working with more than one app or machine — or all of the above. And imagine you could do this without prior configuration (aside from designing a control template), then change that control on the fly.

We saw the beta on Create Digital Motion and have been covering it on an ongoing basis, but I want to make sure music folks don’t miss it, either.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be looking more closely at how to use Mrmr and some other OSC apps on iPhone/iPod (like the wonderful TouchOSC and Sonic Life, both by hexler). We’ll have plenty more to say. If you do go out and get something cool working, be sure to share it.

And watch for a new Mrmr project site — we’re working with Eric and others to build a new home for it.

Mrmr OSC controller @ iTunes

  • mrmr is awesome, it was the killer app it made me jailbreak my ipod touch

    Thanks a lot!

  • Awesome. can't wait work with that app.

  • I've started to play with this idea also, in a little different way; MIDI controllers run as web apps, so the controller is actually running in a web browser. Current proof-of-concept is here: http://pmuellr.blogspot.com/2008/10/webimidi.html.

  • That sounds great and will sound. The revolution is on.

    I tried to match TouchOSC with Senso Usine today (V4 wich supports tactil inteface and OSC protocole without using pd and midi yoke)… But still trying

    😉 A big Bravo for CDM wich I read every day.

  • If you're looking for iphone OSC controllers, be sure to check out OSCemote, which lets you design custom OSC interfaces by merely creating a web page that contains whatever sliders/buttons/text/etc that you want to send OSC with. It also lets you sent OSC to the iphone, invoking javascript within the web page. A remarkably flexible design.

  • poorsod

    thank you

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  • Marcos

    I can't figure out how to upload a patch that has 4 banks. There is no email for the mrmr support and no documentation on how to add stuff to banks 2-4. Any help?

  • cinco

    I second the recommendation of OSCemote. It has the advantage of allowing any kind of interface that your Javascript and CSS skills can manage. However, as far as I was able to figure out, making it send more than one element (i.e. multitouch) wasn't possible with the custom JS/CSS interfaces (well, I was sorta able to get it to work, but not very reliably). Hopefully I'm wrong about that and someone can point me to a counter example.

    Mrmr is easier to set up custom interfaces, but limited to the given elements. A little rough around the edges, but a great start.

    I believe that a future update of TouchOSC will also support custom interfaces as well.

  • cinco

    Here's how you can make a multi bank patch:

    – make and separately save the four banks in the interface builder
    – open in a text editor and combine the four into one file with each separated by a line containing |*|
    – upload to web server
    – choose open -> Download from URL in the Mrmr client

    A couple of caveats:

    – don't forget the "http://" at the beginning of the URL – the app doesn't assume the protocol
    – unless you particularly enjoy typing on the iPhone/Touch, triple check your URL before you submit – if you type the wrong address and get a 404 it will happily fail and return you to whatever UI you were in (if you look at the code of the first bank you'll see the 404 text appended)


    tactilezone nil 0.200000 9 9 1 1 9 8 _ 1
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 9 9 1 1 9 4 _ 2
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 9 9 1 5 9 4 _ 2
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 9 7 1 1 9 2 _ 3
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 9 7 1 3 9 2 _ 3
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 9 7 1 5 9 2 _ 3
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 8 9 1 1 4 4 _ 4
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 8 9 5 1 4 4 _ 4
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 8 9 1 5 4 4 _ 4
    tactilezone nil 0.200000 8 9 5 5 4 4 _ 4

  • Marcos

    Argh! That's lame that it does not support the upload of banks within the interface builder. I tried uploading to my server, but gave up…I wasn't including the http://

    I will try now. Hope they tweak the app and fix these minor gripes!

  • Marcos

    Sorry, still does not work. It loaded the mmr successfully but only the first bank shows. http://www.injektilo.com/mrmr/Ableton3.mmr

  • david fodel

    I think the bigger question is about control. Control of what? I know that in general this is a forum for discussion of tools. Sharing control opens up the conversation of authorship, intention, and bananas. Whose bananas are we talking about.

  • cinco

    Marcos – Hmmm…strange. When I load that file I get all four banks. Are you sure it loaded? That is, was the one bank you see the previously loaded setting? It fails quietly so if you make a typo it doesn't let you know there was an error. Maybe try starting with some other bank so you can be sure something happened. Typing on these thing is kinda annoying (seriously Apple – copy and paste!).

  • Marcos

    Yeah got it working, I had the extension .mrmr by accident.

    David Fodel: For my purposes, I am thinking of using it to control Ableton Live. I am not a power user, so I don't have alot of tracks and scenes, so something like this is pretty handy.

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  • bblink

    hi All,
    this is my first contact with the OSC world,
    I feel the MRMR tool can be fun to control, but to control what?

    where can I test it?
    is there any webstite I can go and play with my iPhone and see what happens?

    I use Resolume,
    do you know how to control it with the MRMR?

    thanks so much.


  • rod

    mrmr interface builder for windows, PLEASE!!!

  • Hy bblink,

    I think Resolume does not understand OSC Messages. Try other software with more Interactivity, like VDMX oder MXWendler. Or Simply test it with Performer (Quartz Composer Tool)

  • ctype

    Resolume Avenue (Beta) definitely has OSC control. Not to mention a much nicer interface than previous versions…

    Just started looking for a mrmr interface builder for windows, also.