Peter and I have been talking about running CDM-curated streaming events for a while, as a way for us to bring together artists from the incredible communities which have coalesced in this little corner of the web. A series of innocent discussions with Jean Poole last time I was in Melbourne seems to have been turned into somewhat of a juggernaut: Net-Lag.

Tomorrow, Thursday October 9th from 8PM-1AM (Australian Eastern time), as part of the Melbourne Digital Fringe, Melbourne’s fantastic Horse Bazaar projection bar will play virtual host to a globe-spanning lineup of artists in the inaugural Net Lag: Vapour Trails.

Net-Lag Vapour Trails

For the majority of people not able to physically attend the Horse Bazaar, the event will feature AV performances streaming from Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Tokyo and New York, brought together live in the Net-Lag channel at web broadcasting service Mogulus.

Curated by Melbourne visual stalwarts Jean Poole and dpwolf, and organized by the Plug N Play Melbourne and Share Outpost crews, the embeddable, chat-enabled Mogulus/NetLag widget will be seeing:

Visionary visualist label LightRhythmVisuals streaming from Tokyo, featuring tracks from their forthcoming albums Notations02 and Koob’s
CDM’s Peter Kirn dropping a breakfast AV set at 9AM New York time (1AM AEST)
I’ll have collaborators Segue in the studio with a brace of cameras and the Vixid for live progressive tech and surveillance state video madness.
… and plenty more: Lineup details at the NetLag site.

  • I love living in an artistic revolution! Peter, have a good set!!

  • dakini

    i'm watching Peter's set now and loving it (the audio guys are brilliant =)

    greetings from amsterdam

  • grigori

    Great Success!

    I think this format opens up a can of worms for possibilities for interaction between performers and community of audio visual talent worldwide and could be explored on a regular basis as the interest for this would bypass any expectations in my opinion.

    Had absolutely great time tonight watching and interacting with community. Any
    specific issues could be nutted out as more events become regular. Thank you and well done!! Night!

  • Thanks, dakini & grigori, much appreciated! Yes, I think there's lots more potential here to explore; it's something we'll continue to look at (and do)!

  • Yeah, great concept and gig. Thanks to Jean Poole, dpwolf + Net Lag. Jaymis and I had a great time jamming. For some reason, I can't see any visuals on the on-demand version of our set, audio is coming through fine…is everyone else having this problem?

  • hey simulcast,
    same problem here – cant see your visuals.. funnily enough lightryhtyms set is working now

  • Yeah. Sorry guys. Something weird happened to the mogulus archived version of the simulcast set. I can't get visuals to work despite throwing every codec and NLE I have at it!

    We'll have to do another one 🙂