It seems that it’s the season for subscription web offerings. Last week Peter documented the launch and premium packages offered by SoundCloud. Now CDMo’s favourite web video service Vimeo has just introduced a for-pay tier to their service: Vimeo Plus.

For US$60/year you get a 2GB/week upload quota, HD embedding, priority uploading, more player customization, HD embeds and so on.

Introducing Vimeo Plus! from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo.

All this comes at a cost, to regular users that is: Non-plus accounts will now only be able to create 1 Group, 1 Channel and 3 Albums, and they’ll only be able to upload a single HD video each week. These kind of limitations are probably familiar to Flickr Pro users.

The CDM Vimeo account doesn’t currently get quite enough uploads to justify this upgrade, but I don’t think it would be surprising to see us go there eventually. Personally, I’m undecided, but I wouldn’t be paying up right now. That doesn’t matter though, because Plus is currently only available to people in the USA.

So, US-ian Vimeo users: Are you going to get that little blue badge next to your username?

  • Darren Landrum

    The part that bothers me the most is when new restrictions are suddenly placed on the free accounts that weren't there before the pay accounts showed up. If introducing the pay account did not affect the free users, I wouldn't care.

    Not that I care too much anyway. I have nothing uploaded to Vimeo. I only have an account so I can leave comments and maybe download the occasional original file. Someday, I might find myself uploading something here and there, but that day ain't today.

  • Still lovin', though I really like how easy watching the HD version is on Vimeo. Haven't seen a lot of really hi-quality HD there yet.

  • @Darren: From reading the comments attached to the Plus announcement on the Vimeo blog, I think your concern is the most common. It does feel a little bait-n-switchy when these services switch from free to paid and nerf the existing free offerings. Of course, they're in a business which is trying to make money, so I can't feel too affronted.

    @Allan: Have you spent any time in the Vimeo HD Channel? I've found some fantastic stuff there.

  • Tim

    Seems a little bit pricy, but the priority uploading and improved SD quality encodes are nice upgrades. Biggest frustration is the 1 hd vid upload limit for non paying users. Still my fav vid + social networking site.

  • gabbo

    too expensive…restrictions on free users unfair… thats how good projects ruin and shun away users

  • Darren Landrum

    Actually, as far as pay sites go, $60 a year for 2GB a week is pretty good, especially since you can embed the HD vids anywhere. If you're a small label with bands making music videos, this could be a great solution for hosting them on your site.

    Just a positive note to balance all the negative ones. 🙂

  • Compare this to Flickr's pro price @ US$24.95/year and this seems comparatively expensive.

    The motion graphics in Vimeo's promo video are nice, but I wonder how much they cost. =)

    Without knowing their biz research I can't be sure, but a preferable Vimeo Plus account should have more "Unlimited" or extremely high, in the spirit of webhosters like DreamHost. I suspect few users would actually hit those caps.

    @Darren: But the HD vids only have 1,000 plays outside of Vimeo. That's very low if you're even a modestly popular band!

    So, I <3 the Vimeo UI, but I'm not getting this yet.

    Also of value would be to show visuals of the whole encoding queue and how far ahead you are if you're on Plus — Vimeo does a fab job with their roadmap, so a contextual visualization like this would make Plus users feel very special.

    I've found Vimeo has better quality (non-HD) than and others, with the exception of some content like fine text which gets resampled down. I uploaded a 800×600 vid to Vimeo and it was crushed and stair-stepped in ugly ways, but resizing it to 640×480 and reupping looked fine. Both looked fine on

  • Darren Landrum

    If you compare the storage and bandwidth costs of photos vs. that of HD video, the difference in price between Vimeo+ and Flickr becomes clear, I think. I did not, however, know about the 1000 play limit for embedded HD videos, and have to agree that that is going too far.

    Like I said, I don't actually upload anything, so I'm really the wrong person to comment on any of this. I do have experience with past free services going pro, though, and I have to say that so far, this is unfortunately par for the course.

  • I happily pay Flickr's pro price. Vimeo? Premature.

  • Tim

    I really am honestly a fan of vimeo. I always recommend them if someone needs help posting video on the web. And I understand that they're trying to run a business, but it just seems like they're being a bit too restrictive. A dreamhost like model seems like a good fit for a situation like this. There will be some users that will have much more than 1,000 views of their video, but the majority probably won't.

  • i'm a big fan of vimeo, and particularly the way they haven't totally destroyed their site with ads, so i'll be doing the upgrade when it's available for non-US customers.

    the price is fine by me ($5 a month is hardly worth all the whinging some people are doing), my only qualm would be the 1000 HD embeds. doesn't seem like a necessary thing to restrict, imho.

  • I totally bought a Vimeo + membership. just being able to upload alot more per week was worth it for me — in terms of quality, Vimeo is doing the best with HD and compression quality. I recently uprez'd some work originating on DVD to 720p before uploading – the results turned out great, especially when viewing the scaled down embedded version.

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