I can’t say anything this song doesn’t say brilliantly. Comedian Adam Buxton takes on the Radiohead remix contest with his own entry, which cuts through the hype brings a bit of wit to TV incidental music and remixing alike. And, really, how often do you get to say "Radiohead" and "rap" in the same sentence? Take my mechanical rights, please!

See, there, I said something. It wasn’t very good. Just so listen to the song and thank me later, okay?

See also Adam Buxton’s sketch for BBC3’s Rush Hour which cleans up NWA to "Help Da Police." Thanks, Jaymis!

  • Darren Landrum

    Adam Buxton is definitely at the top of his game! Here's a great clip of his appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, talking about mushrooms:


    And of course, his take on movie and music piracy, poking fun at both sides of the issue:


  • Brilliant. Adam forgot to mention –

    Sigur Ros – dramtatic with edge.
    Massive Attack – understated drama and tension.
    Air – always good on a makeover show or UK BBC 3.

    Lazy directors are quite happy to clear the complete album so its no suprise to hear every track on one programme sometimes.

  • LOL

    " … and the cops are all thinking … why does this have to happen … every week?"

    I love it.

  • poorsod

    definitely get the Adam And Joe podcast (BBC 6 Music)

  • frinking hilarious!

    thanks for this post Peter!

  • duckett

    Loverly, very necessary! Brilliant, cheers, thanks a lot etc.

  • eugene

    amazing song…i love it!
    already voted…+++++

  • unseen

    how often do you get to say "Radiohead" and "rap" in the same sentence?

    What about "Wolf from the Door" – radiohead's rap song, yeah?

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