Since its official announcement in July, Resolume 3 has been causing excitement with its cross-platform, beatmatched, AV, VST-compatible next-level-ishness. Peter and I have had a great time playing with the private beta, but we know that the real capabilities of new software don’t appear until the public starts messing with it.

Public, it’s time to start messing!

Resolume Avenue 3 Getting Started from Bart van der Ploeg on Vimeo.

Resolume 3 is now also available for purchase: €299/€499/€649 for a 1/2/3 machine license (Mac and/or PC), with Resolume’s friendly update model which gives you all point release updates for free.

From the developers:

This is a beta because it has some rough edges and not all features have been implemented yet. We hope you can all have a look and let us know what bugs you find, we expect there will be some.

The main features that have not been implemented yet are Flash playback, audio FFT analysis and DMX support. But we are working on these features right now and they will be available as free updates.

We’ll have more to say about Avenue when we’ve had some time with this new version, but I want to keep as little text as possible between you and the software. So:
Download Resolume Avenue 3.
Feature Set.
Resolume 3 Manual.
Beta feedback on the forums.


  • I took a quick look at it last night. I like the simplicity of the interface at first, but, I have to say I am left feeling a little underwhelmed with the video pipeline. The layering is nice, and this is probably going to be a huge success, but it feels like there are some limitations video wise with combinations of effects, layers, nesting, mixing and the like. But I suppose the draw is more triggering, presets, and Ableton Live like A/V performance (obviously, this isnt attempting to be VDMX). I will admit, the first 5 min of messing with the built in drum/synth movies had me thinking hard about going back to trying to make music…. but then the novelty quickly wore off.

    I noticed some odd things. No pitch shifting compensations for speeding up/slowing down clips, and 'scratching' the video resulting in odd audio hiccups and occasional pops, and 'not really scratching' sounds. Yes. I know. I probably should not be attempting that as its cliche as all hell now, but its fun 🙂

    I think once some of the rough edges are tweaked, this is going to really shine. Its not an amazing video app (yet), and probably not an amazing audio app by common audio standards (yet?), but the combination of having both in a single package with nice triggering/preset abilities is a huge win for a very specific type of performer. I suspect more VJs will look into making audio, because of this. Clip preparation just got a whole lot more tedious 🙂 As an improv video tool though, I dont know.. I think it makes too many interface compromises as a hybrid tool.

    I am really curious how this one will evolve. Its clearly a new breed of hybrid app…

  • It's showing a lot of promise. Interstingly it plays all our old Resolume2 AVI's, something my new favourite, Modul8 can't seem to do.
    Theres some cool new things, and some not so cool.

    I ran 3072×768 (Triplehead 2 Go native res) as the composition settings I can only get 17fps with two 640×480 vid's scaled/zoomed to fit the screen. At 3x 1920×480 res it sits at 45fps. Add another layer and it goes down to 28fps. With a 4th, its starts stuttering and goes to 18fps.
    FYI This is on a MBP 17" 2.5Ghz C2D, 8600GT 512mb, 4gb RAM, clips were MJPEG Avi 640×480 25fps.

    Just a hint – S and moving the mouse scales the video, and p and moving said mouse, positions it – very important if you're doing multi screen with 4:3 clips.

  • mazn

    got to mess around with it for a hot minute and i must say, its a nice sample triggering app.

  • jcbklyny

    VERY BUGGY and unstable. I have yet to run the program for 10 minutes without it crashing. Very disappointed. GrandVJ was rock solid stable right out of the gate running 8 1080p clips AT ONCE!!. Resolume 3…. Not so much.

    It doesnt play enough video codecs, the sound controls and nice, but video doesnt follow along very well with cue points and beat mixing… it's like a bad cross between Serato and VDMX. Oh, and it doesnt play MP3??? WAV and AIFF only????? Come on now.

  • jcbklyny

    Your better off using Ableton Live with the Video mixer of your choice then Resolume 3.

  • jcbklyny – 8 1080p clips? Uh. What hardware, and what codec? Somehow I dont really think thats going to happen, unless you have some really impressive hardware 😉

  • jcbklyny

    I dont use laptops for performance. It's all rack mounted hardware.

    Intel Core 2 Quad 3GHz, 4 GB of DDR3 1066 PC3 8500 RAM, Dual Quad output ATI x3870HDX2 video cards in a crossfire config (4 GPUs) running on Intels new x48 chipset.

    With the above I can load GrandVJ up with anything! and it ROCK SOLID. Now that it's running FFMPEG it plays almost every format you can find including MPG and M2v files which comes in very handy with clients on site. Resolume….cant.

    And running on that hardware, Resolume (both the old and new Avenue version) crashes at will! Whether I'm running off my XP partition or Vista.

  • Wuzzle

    Experimenting with the *beta* here with 4 layers, no crashes in video only applications. (I have no interest in the sound stuff – past future FFT functionality) I await some more interesting FX plugins to appear (and a replacement for the rather odd Kaleidoscope functionality)

    C2D 3ghz, 2 gig ram, BFG 9800 GTX. all clips are in PICvideo M-JPEG codec v3 in 640 or higher.

  • having a ball using R3!

    haven't had any real problems after I got my graphics drivers sorted out on my laptop 🙂

  • jcbklyny

    You shouldn't have to install third party gamer drivers to use a VJ program!

    They recommend you install Omega Drivers for your video card… give me a break.

  • its funny i had to uninstall the omega drivers and install the officel ati ones 😉

  • <cite>You shouldn’t have to install third party gamer drivers to use a VJ program!</cite>

    You do not have to install "third party gamer drivers", we recommend people update their graphics drivers because Resolume 3 uses the latest technologies available on the graphics chip.

    And if you're going to update your drivers then the Omega drivers are excellent for VJ's because they give you access to TV-Out overscan and naitive PAL and NTSC output resolutions.