The Netherlands is already a artistic-technological hotbed, and today (Wed. 29.10) some of their best circuit benders are gathering in one place, including regular favorite of ours Gijs Gieskes. (Gijs made the wonderful, spinning device above, which I missed when it came out — see it on Music thing.)

If you can make it, we’d love a report!

29 oktober ‘s-Hertogenbosch (The Netherlands)
Nerdlab (initiative of CBK-Digitale workshop) organises topic evenings in the Verkadefabriek with artists who work on the borders between art, science and physics.
The topic of the first edition is circuit bending.

On this evening the following artists will performing:

Gijs Gieskes+Karl Klomp ( )
Rumatov ( )
Luc van Weelden ( )
The Circuit Band ( )

Location: Verkadefabriek – Boschdijkstraat 45

Time: 20:00 till 00:30 free admission

Be there early! Program starts at 20:30

Thanks to Martin Verhallen! (Yes, I’m behind, to those of you complaining. Yep, I was traveling / bad wifi / jetlagged!)

In other news: I think it’s nearly Circuit Bending Challenge season again, huh?

  • omg.
    This is a 10 minute drive from where I live. It must be a crime NOT to go tonight!

  • Michael Una

    Ya know, I was just talking to Alex at GetLofi about how we should get another Challenge going. It is definitely about that time of the year…

  • hiya, it was a great inspiring evening, luc did a nice minimalistic (to my ears) thingie with visuals and audio, hard to describe, rumatov did their thing with some toys and effects and elektron machinedrum, dont know if it was but think it was the sampler version, dmdn was great with a nice choice of noisy stuff and minimal, he really mixes ! and gijs was nice too, starting off with the gameboys, and trying to control all of his setup, with the disc and selfmade synth-drum thingie, amazing sync effects, with the strobes, spinning discs and sounds, nice. And for us, it was a great learning experiment that went really ok, if I can say so myself, we learned a lot, but with only some furby,s a touch and tell, a toy train, a police light, a bend delayeffect and a ms10 (for lfo only) , cracklebox (kraakdoos in dutch) (they will become available again, as they sourced some parts needed to make it …) also we had two bend 707,s and a 626 and casio sa-1 all in the mix, we had really moments of searching where to go, but then dove in deep… we had fun !!! ciao, paul

  • so…

    so have you guys decided on doing another bending challenge for 09??