I’m thrilled to be here in Berlin this week, before heading to Ireland for Dublin’s DEAF Festival. (More on that shortly.) Tuesday night, I’m playing a set at Dense Record Shop, a wonderful record store that also does live sets and has its own bar.

It’s a cozy, informal venue so if you are in Berlin, drop by and say hi — it’s a chance for all of us to meet in person. 8p sharp – 10p all over.

Dense Shop


You can also find the event on Facebook

Berliners, I can’t wait! Rest of the world: more on some of the music stuff soon.

  • Michail

    That is really good news! I'll be there for sure!

  • Wow 8p till 10p is very early, I don't think I can make it in time. Any chance of meeting you tonight somewhere else?

  • Have a good time in B.!

  • Any chance of a Mogulus stream? Surely such a happening venue will have a hot net connection 🙂

  • WH

    Holy crap, I've totally been there! Nice owner and awesome collection of music, seemed a bit small for a bar and live set though…anyway, have fun!

  • Jen

    When I used to live in Berlin Dense was by far my favorite record shop! Check out Kunsthaus Tacheles in the Mitte if you have a chance — it's a big old building with artist studios, that if you happen to be there at a good time, you can often get people to show you their work. I remember there being a lot of fantastic graffitti art too. Also, for music happenings, check out http://www.echtzeitmusik.de/index.php

  • I'll be there with two of mine!!

  • Damien

    Definately gonna drop by, I like the sound of… "PETER KIRN, with a special set by this contributor to createdigitalmusic.com, to show you how it is or should be done" as posted on the Dense website.

  • Ha, yeah, I enjoyed that, too.

    Looking forward to meeting y'all!

  • Cool! Daniel from Dense is a really nice guy, he helped me with a gig in Berlin last year, and showed me around some very cool venues in the city. Have fun!

  • How was the gig?

  • I took some Pictures… you can see them here.

  • The gig was just awsome. we loved it. We also took some pictures of this whole get-together