fugwhump has uploaded a fantastic free kit of drum sounds, built with a Eurorack modular synth. It’s licensed as Creative Commons, so you can use it free. ccMixter even includes features for linking your own work (remixes, podcasts, videos, webpages, albums), in case you do decide to use it. It’s nice, fat, raw sounding stuff. There are a few loops – mostly useful for previewing – and nine single-shot samples. Enjoy!

Analog Kit Lite by fugwhump [ccMixer]

Found via Jacob Joaquin’s Twitter.

What are your favorite finds from ccMixter (or other Creative Commons samples sources)? Sample packs you’ve uploaded? Ones you’ve enjoyed using in your own work? Let us know in comments and we’ll do a round-up soon.

  • Dhersch

    The trifonic stems from their album "Emergence" are incredible on CCmixter:

    The quality is very high and it provides some incite into how they create their productions.

  • Darren Landrum

    Why release sample sets in mp3 format? I'm not even motivated to bother downloading them, now.

    Just my opinion…

  • Ben


    I'd have to agree, putting an MP3 sample into a 64bit floating point audio engine just seems pointless.

    Also just my opinion.

  • @Darren Landrum

    As someone who is associated with Fugwhump, I can that question.

    For what ever reason, the preferred format at ccMixter is mp3. ccMixter also lists au, flac, mp3, ogg, rm, wma, zip, and mid as the valid file types on the sample submission form. So instead of going against the grain of ccMixter's community standards, we just opted to release the samples as mp3s.

    We did have plans to release the CD quality version of "Analog Kit Lite" in a few weeks. That's been moved up to sometime within the next day or two. 🙂

    And thanks to Peter for the ringing endorsement!

  • Darren Landrum

    @Jacob Joaquin:

    I would like to say that I'm sorry for my knee-jerk post there. I should keep in mind that sometimes there are technical limitations on things such as this, especially when they're free.

  • teru

    Thank you for the samples Fugwhump.

    Brass by The Paloseco Brazz Orchestra. : )

  • @Darren Landrum

    No worries. The mp3 issue is a valid one, and this is something we're going to start addressing immediately.

  • Yeah, it seems there should be a preferred lossless format, at least, in addition to the compressed version. I think compression is a good idea, but if it's in a lossless format…

  • busy


  • thanks for the plug – it's almost a shame the comment thread was derailed on the file format thing – I would have loved to hear what kinds of samples people are most excited by.

    fwiw, I hope it's clear that ccM accepts FLAC no problem. The artist chose to only upload MP3s. The only restriction we have is that no single file is larger than 10MB. Such is life in the non-profit world 😉

  • Here's a lossless FLAC version of Analog Kit Lite:
    Analog Kit Lite FLAC