Saturday 11/22 at Eyebeam in Chelsea, it’s time for another “NYC Patching Circle.” Basic rules: if it involves patching — from Max to Pd, vvvv to Reaktor – it’s fair game. (I may even break the rules a bit and do a little Processing.) Hang out and absorb the communitas, learn from other New York-area patchers, watch the action, whatever. It’s communal making of stuff, like knitting, but with software.

NYCPatchingCircle @ Pd wiki (thanks to Hans-Christoph for making this happen)

See you there if you’re in the area. 540 W. 21st Street, (between 10th and 11th Avenues).

  • Darren Landrum

    Hey, think you could help me start a Detroit-area patching circle? I already asked on the Pd list and got no responses. Thanks!

  • You mean, you need to find other Detroit-area patchers?

    Other than that, pretty much:
    1. Get a space
    2. Pick a date
    3. Go patch

    … but if you haven't got people, then I'd suggest:
    3. Offer a free workshop

    …I'm collecting some other tutorial resources; I'll ask Hans about it, too, just on top of what's already in pd-extended.

  • Oh, I should add, as it doesn't have to be Pd specifically, could try the Max list, Reaktor board, try to go across patching environments, etc.

  • Darren Landrum

    No way I could give a workshop. I want to start a circle so I can learn something about it from someone more knowledgeable. 🙂 Asking the Max and Reaktor communities isn't a bad idea at all.

    I've also become quite interested in another open-source project called Ingen:

    The modules are LADSPA and/or LV2 plug-ins, which can be made with Faust. It's close to what we wanted to do with Nuclear to begin with. Now if only I could get that oversampling thing straightened out.

  • Did you end up dropping by the patching circle this weekend, Peter? Not sure if we met.

    I was the guy geeking out with Hans about embedded Linux development.