AudioVisual Festival Performances Going Online: Sati and Wildbits from Cinesthesy 1.0

Last month saw an amazing lineup of European visualists performing in Créteil, Paris for the Cinesthesy 1.0 festival. If you missed the live streaming of this event, or would like to see some of it again, you’re in luck! Les Pixels Transversaux have been posting entire performances (as well as “extracts”) to Vimeo: SATI@CINESTHESY 1.0 […]

Survey: What Labels Would You Put on a “Genre” Knob?

The original microKORG genre-selecting knob, sure to baffle and delight with its nonsensical labels. Careful: you may actually transform yourself with the genres. Okay, first, a disclaimer: the fact that the upcoming microKORG XL has a “genre” knob for selecting presets isn’t big news. The original microKORG had genre-selectable presets, too. The beauty of the […]

- December 3, 2008

Korg microKORG XL: Little Keys, with Purtier Looks, Vocoder, and Sounds

The microKORG is one of the great music instrument product hits of recent years. It’s a product that has managed to reach out of the claustrophobic, aging niche of traditional keyboard buyers to a wider audience of rockers and music enthusiasts. It’s not the only keyboard to be “cool” – hello, Moog – but it’s […]

- December 3, 2008

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