MomentFactory have released a video displaying some of the tech behind Nine Inch Nails fantastic Lights In The Sky tour.

It’s a heady mix of tech, combining “stealth” LED screens, laser-controlled interactive video, particles, feedback, cameras… Oh my!

There’s further information and video available on Wired’s coverage of the show, including future plans from NIN’s art director Rob Sheridan.

Lights in the Sky Tour Ad.
Nine Inch Nails on Vimeo.

Thanks for the link: Curtis.

  • Case

    Sweet! I saw this tour a month ago and was blown away by the visuals, 3 moveable LED screens. I checked CDM to see if there was an article on it and was disapointed.. Now i'm not… Trent Reznor is doing a wicked job shafting the Music Industry and my wife and I were more than happy to pay $200 to see him live [we bought merchandise as well] and to support him on his quest to slay the evil RIAA dragon.

  • Diego

    I think this is INCREDIBLE!
    this opnes a whole new world of options for live performances.
    mixing movement + music + performance + video

    I believe this is a new revolution for live performances since pink floyd's "the wall" tour.

    this sets a new standard.
    the only downside of this is its cost i think, only big bands and big shows will be able to afford it… but im hoping for one day even a band in a small club can achieve this kind of effects to do more of an 'experience' than a performance

  • Stephen Fortner

    I saw the second-to-last show of the tour last Friday. Absolutely one the most perfect syntheses of audio and visual I have ever seen. Just completely brilliant. I look forward to seeing TR and company try to top it, and as amazing as it was, I bet they will.

  • I caught this show about a month ago and It was really sweet. I loved the echoplex step sequencer.
    (What would I do if I had a giant LED screen on stage? Put my step sequencer on it of course)
    I also really liked the live video camera setup that Health (the noise band that opened) and NIN used as well (during Survivalism). They mixed footage from the Music video along with cameras onstage and in the crowd.

    I am glad to get some info on the setup.

  • Epic!

    Bob Bonniol had extra tix to the Seattle show and I forgot to call him. Arrrrrrg! On the bright side, the bandwidth here in a remote part of Hawaii works well enough to see the sweet video behind the scenes. My dad loves this stuff so he will be super pumped up when I show it to him.

    Mahalo! Techno from the Big Island

  • massta

    Trent Reznor has been the visual performance trailblazer for some time. Just look at his past tours (go buy the tour dvds).

    And now he has gone a step further asking us to contribute to the YouTube Ghosts video submission contest.

    I think I speak for most when I say how influential he has been to other artists.
    This is the only way I can thank them: