I first saw Linger in Shadows on the Playstation Store Dashboard – the poster image was intriguing, and the game itself is only $2.99. Curious, I clicked through for more information…

Holy crap. It’s Interactive Art. On my Playstation.

The developers are Plastic, a Demoscene group from Poland. Gamespot UK reported on it earlier this year, writing that Sony actually approached these folks and got them hooked up with PS3 dev kits.

Looking to the product itself, I’ve found it to be visually engaging, as well as a bit confusing. Instructions are eschewed in favor of simple icons and a black-box approach: figure out what you’re doing by doing it. I personally love this sort of system, but I can see it being a turn-off for many. Someone involved must have known that, as they offer two modes: Linger, which is the interactive mode, and Watch, in which the demo plays out for you with no interaction necessary.

Could this be the start of the PS3 as a platform for Interactive Art? While it leaves much to be desired in the departments of openness and availability to artists/developers, it does have a fantastically huge userbase and great interface devices (controllers/guitars/drums/etc).

  • ARGH! CELL processors should NOT be put into the hands of the demo scene! It'll only put out awesome.

    I'd like to see some "walkthrough" type video of this – should be very interesting.

  • That looks fantastic. I've got a PS3 on loan for the Herovision/Game On project. I wonder what ridiculous price they're making us pay in $AU…

  • nat

    I hope they develop a plugin adaptation of some demoscene ideas so that we can VJ effects over playstation3 (and for that matter 2 and 1) games.

  • Ooo, this got me thinking of new possibilities- why not harness the power of a PS3 for live visuals?

    I just got Linger in Shadows and I agree with the control scheme, it's rather… cumbersome. It's worth the 2.99 for a little mind-trip, but I was left wanting more.

    Side note: I felt sorry for the dog! Was it huge? I got the sense that it was enormous.

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  • Yeah, I was lucky enough to play this game, with a special someone 🙂

    This is also interesting, I envision VJ application for this..

    I could also see the new version of REZ for xbox as a cool item to remix, Audio Visual (The original was for DreamCast, slated as one of the first true audiovisual games)

  • The length of the video is about the length of this demo.
    It has some cool graphics, but thats about it.
    Its not a demo of the sixaxis nor the visual capabilities of the PS3.
    You get to shake the controller to move thru time. All 6 minutes of it, including about 2 minutes of credits.
    You can spin a garbage can, make smoke rotate and make cubes move in a predefined pattern.
    I hope that 3 bucks goes on to make a cool game where I finally get to fly the dog.

    If you want to see your songs thru something other than a waveform or a spectral analyzer.. Try WipeOut HD. In Zone Mode, the racing track is a parametric bands visualizer and billboards show waveforms and spectral stuff. It looked even cooler before it was released, but they had tone it down a bit because it could cause seizures.

  • Bjorn – you beat it already? I've never gotten past level two (using the icons in the bottom-right corner of the screen to denote levels – asterisk, movie canister, plant, target, explosion). I've found maybe three of the nine sigils (accessed by pressing the square button after you uncover a first) and assumed I would need to find the rest to progress to the next section.

    Also, there's that part in screens two and three where you zoom past the transformers towards the floating flower, and you get one of those pink bars at the top of your paused screen like you do when you break through the end of level one, but I can never get it to fill up all the way and unlock whatever it's hiding.

    What I'm getting at is that perhaps there's more to this world than you've seen. Have you truly played through the whole piece? Or did you perhaps choose 'Watch' instead of 'Linger'?

  • No, I played it till the end. Right to the point the droid flies into the screen and breaks it.
    There's really not much to it, the icons show what you need to do. Press Circle, Shake, Spin, directional pads or the analog controllers.

    I don't have all the trophy's though. I'll have to check out which I'm missing. Their all blanked out, so I'll have to check online I guess.
    Maybe I'm missing something, but its just 6 to 7 minutes of video you can scroll thru. Divided into 5 chapters where you need to change something to progress. From spinning plants to turning on the eyes of the droid..

    Echochrome.. now thats a trippy game