We are truly entering a glorious era of visual effects, one in which you won’t have to wait for epic, budget-blowing fantasy box office train wrecks (ah, Willow) just to see eye candy onscreen. Now you just need to wait for someone to blow a massive budget on a music video.

Want proof? How about this music video from LA’s Chris Dane Owens. Sure, some people in the blogosphere get cranky about the post-a-palooza going on here. I think they’re just jealous of Owens, who works with director effects god Robert Short (E.T., Beetle Juice, and even a black rhino on MacGyver).

I was saddened to learn this wasn’t quite parody – I suppose in LA people actually get serious about this stuff. But what does artist intent matter, anyway? If you imagined somehow combining every 1980s fantasy effects piece into five musical minutes, I think you couldn’t come up with half of this. Even that random crocodile fits in, somehow. And explosions. So many explosions.

Be sure to watch the better-quality Flash version. Direct link:

Shine on Me [Flash]

There’s an interview with Chris Dane Owens on the LA Times’ entertainment blog, though it’s really Robert Short I want to hear from. Intentionally or not, it’s as though the talented Mr. Short has made a massive in joke between him and other 80s effects artists.

An Internet star is born: Chris Dane Owens to singlehandedly slay bad economy via new music video [Pop & Hiss blog]

  • JonO

    Wow…that is a hell of a thing, that video.

  • lilith

    wow, just wow.

    I refuse to believe this is serious or not actually made in the 80's (albiet with bigger budget and maybe some bad cgi)


    '"My intention is to develop a manga [comic book] for this story and these characters, for which I call "Arra of the Third Kingdom." '

    Just what the world needs!

  • BirdFLU

    I guess the 80's are really back. That song could have come straight from 1986. Content aside, the video does look nice.

    Oh, and the alligator was played by Phil Collins, so the circle is complete.

    Kajagoogoo re-union in 2009!!

  • Tim

    only one word for that… mesmerizing… or mustache

  • Bas

    It looks like shots from all 80's fantasy movies put together.
    Without putting it in a logical order.
    I couldn't find a story in the video. 😉

  • Check out 0:32 – Chris Crocker face!

  • That settles it. I'm never leaving the house again without a fan blowing my fabulous long hair.

  • what? No hunky dude stroking a wet pussy (cat) ala Fincher's Express Yourself remix of Metropolis via Madonna? disappointing . . .

    nah . . . this is really a great 1980's catalogue – – thanks Peter!!!

  • horrific

  • Robert

    Since you asked……. I didn't think anybody remebered my MacGyver Rhino. Effects God…Give me a break. In any case, everyone will have to wait for the full explanation to the video for a while longer. Meanwhile, whether your readers love it or hate it, I appreciate your coverage of the video. What…. No request for naked witch babes?

  • Brendan

    Thanks Peter, I really enjoyed this!

    Please keep posts like this coming – "Minority Esthetics" for the win!