I’m busy working on putting the finishing touches on the CDM Winter 08 publication. You’ll be able to get this as a readable e-publication online or even print-on-demand via lulu. What’s special to me about is is that it’s evolving into a different kind of entity. It’s a print layout, but it’s really an extension of the site — what some are calling “blog books.” We have an extraordinary amount coming from the community; it’s a sort of handbook that grows out of your knowledge, interests, and images. And, of course, it’ll be in turn Creative Commons-licensed.

Here’s a glimpse at some of what’s in it:

  • Guides to some of your favorite tools, music, and reading
  • Thoughts on openness and process from the co-creator of the monome
  • Getting started with circuit bending
  • A special free download for use with Ableton Live and other tools, plus tips on using it
  • A how-to on surviving Berlin’s winters with music, from a special guest writer (to be revealed at launch)

It’s the first go at it, so I’m feeling out how to make it work, but I think you’ll like the results. Most of all, the results come in no small part from you.

Okay, enough. Now I’m back to finishing it. Stay tuned; launch is imminent.

  • Sounds cool, Peter.

    However, I for one hope that the term "blog books" does not catch on.

  • Michael Una


  • Ha — yeah, Steve, I'm with you. I just want to emphasize that for me, this isn't a migration from Web into print. 😉

  • Oooo, is the guest Urs???

  • Jimmy

    Fiver says oliver chesler is involved in some capacity.

  • rhowaldt

    @Peter Kirn: i was wondering, when you say 'most of the input comes from you', i take that you mean myself as well, as a CDM reader and such, but i never got an email asking me for an interview or a tip in how to destroy songs in Reason or whatever. so, did you actually ask people for input, or did you take your information from the comments and the forums?

    p.s. i am always open for interviews