Exclusive: Renoise 2.0 Launch 1/15; What’s New, How to Connect to Your Workflow

Ever feel music creation apps are too similar? Imagine an alternative universe in which music making software evolved along different lines. In this universe, the “tracker” isn’t some arcane novelty, but the detailed, bottom-up music editing approach that becomes the basis of music construction tools for any genre. Now imagine a breakthrough software release in […]

Metropolitan Museum of Art Puts Hundreds of Inspiring Historic Instruments Online

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed never to make anything as cool as 17th Century keyboard makers. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art announces (via its Twitter feed, no less) that it has gotten its Musical Instruments collection online. Over 800 inspiring objects of all kinds are available with photos, maker information, […]

Electro-Harmonix Voice Box: $200, Fun Voice and Instrument Effects, Gender, Vocoder

Electro-Harmonix has made a quick-and-dirty vocal effects box. Usable parameters, good fun, and $200 – sure, it may not be the highest-fidelity vocal box ever, but what’s not to love? Our friend Collin Cunningham at MAKE gets the jump on this one. It’s got some surprisingly unique features: 256-band vocoder “designed by the same EMS […]

Fight the Microsoft Songsmith Cheese with Samples, Styles

Okay, so you’ve seen the painful demo video for Microsoft Research’s Songsmith software – it was intended to me tongue-in-cheek, I think, but the self-parody didn’t quite work. But the idea of auto-accompaniment software that interprets your recorded singing remains impressive. And I’ve gotten some tips that it is possible to make Songsmith sound good. […]

LittleGPTracker (lgpt) Port to PSP: Call for Donations

N0stromo tells us he is planning to port his “Piggy” LittleGPTracker (lgpt), the tracker currently on the Linux GamePark platform, to the Sony PSP. LGPT has the interface of littlesounddj, as known on the Game Boy, and can even drive MIDI (meaning this could be a great time to figure out MIDI output on the […]

Video Demo: Pages in Monome

pauk on pages from Pauk on Vimeo. Part of what sets apart the open source monome controller instrument (cdm tag | site) is that, despite its minimalist grid of pads, it really behaves like an extension of software. That grid can be thought of as touch-ready pixels. Using Pages, an app developed by phortran that […]