Ellen Allien’s Berlin-based label bpitchcontrol this week released Telefon Tel Aviv’s third album, which we’ve sadly just learned will be a posthumous release for the duo’s Charlie Cooper.

“immolate yourself“ unites ten tracks with the aim to give the term electro pop a new definition for 2009. although each track has its own story to tell, together they paint a bigger picture that encapsulates the telefon tel aviv sound. arguably the albums standout track “helen and troy“ was in fact the last track to be finished and in a way marked the studio climax. as telefon tel aviv state, “we knew, after completing this song, that we were in fact finished with the record“.

It’s a sad time, but I can’t think of any better way to honor someone’s memory than to hear their music. Thanks to both of these creative artists for that gift.

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  • dead_red_eyes



    Such sad news about Charlie. I am glad that they were able to release this album before his passing tho.

  • Dave

    Uhh.. releasing an album called "immolate yourself" by someone who may have just committed suicide? Probably not a smart move.

  • Anonipotomous

    3 out of the last 5 posts had NOTHING to do with creating digital music.

    sad that your friend died, but you're just shamelessly promoting his album. how does this help me create digital music?

  • For now and for all time:
    This is not a tech news site. If you want that exclusively, please go elsewhere. I've always been a believer in the whole spectrum of what the medium is about; if anything, I haven't done as a good a job as I'd like of covering that range.

    In fact, it's really a goal of mine to cover more music. Charlie Cooper is not someone I'm fortunate enough to claim as a personal friend. He's someone whose music I find inspiring. And I hope that the music we care about is something that helps us create digital music.

    It's certainly not "shameless" promotion because I don't get anything in return. And yes, as to the earlier comment, the title is incredibly unfortunate, but I hope we can connect to the music nonetheless.

    Am I missing something?

  • c

    the album was titled and released before this happened, has nothing to do with being a "smart move". It's also a masterpiece, and I'm sad to see this incredible musician go.

  • c.db.sn

    "sad that your friend died, but you’re just shamelessly promoting his album. how does this help me create digital music?"

    really??? what a jerk. go read something else.

    personally, i think the new Telefon Tel Aviv is great. its def. a different direction for them (um, but wasn't the last one too??), but a welcome one.

  • dead_red_eyes

    Anonipotomous, you need to realize that Create Digital Music is practically a blog, not a music tech site. Also, go take a jump off of a huge cliff.

  • CV!

    @ Dave and Anonipotomous, wow I didn't know assholes read CDM too.

  • jonnyfive

    Yeah, go away. People are people too.
    Its funny I *just* read this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/03/magazine/03trol

    And then came here to find this thread.

  • Slaven

    I also want to say thanks for posting this, I love TTV and was saddened to read this, but glad you did post it!

  • Dave and Anonipotomous, wow I didn’t know assholes read CDM too.

  • Spite

    The title of this album was no mistake. Listen to the lyrics, sparse as they are. Listen to the emotion that the music evokes. Whoever said this album is a masterpiece was correct. Though it may be saddening, this was Charlie Cooper's last message to a world he might've felt he had no other way out of. Just listen.