Jay Smith of Livid Instruments may be in the business of making controller hardware himself, but that doesn’t stop him from appreciate the knob-laden goodness of the NAMM show floor. Jay’s own gear reveals a not-so-secret love of knobs and buttons and faders, and if you’re into that sort of thing, this year’s NAMM music trade show had plenty to love – Akai’s APC40 controller for Live, Akai’s MPK keyboard, the Alesis MasterControl, Arturia’s Factory Experience controller for their soft synth emulations, and even another brutish-looking computer-in-a-keyboard, now with pads, from Open Labs.

The shots give you a particularly good feel for what the Akai APC40 is like up close and personal. It’s no accident that Jay himself is a VJ. I really imagine that a number of these devices might be brilliant for running live visuals, though we still have yet to find out exactly how the APC works. I assume it’ll run as a standard MIDI controller outside Live, but I’m unclear on the specifics of what that will mean.

Thanks to Jay for sharing these photos with CDM.

Now I can’t wait to get another look at Livid’s own controller line and what may be next for it; see its wooden crossfader below. Previously:

Hands-On: Livid’s New Ohm Controller, Custom Control Geared for Visualists

  • poorsod

    you're right about the APC shots giving a nice "up-close-and-personal" feel, it looks even more excellent in that shot than in the promotional video!

  • poorsod

    and, while investigating that Open Labs controller/workstation/laptop/touchscreen thing, i think my head actually exploded. partially at the details, partially at the price. 🙁

  • RCUS

    I own an open labs miko and it does indeed cause that reaction!! Seriously, I've had it for over a year and probably haven't heard everything in it yet. Is almost as if I made a wish to a genie and was granted EVERYTHING I wanted in a workstation. It's a little daunting trying to get stuff done with so many options. The best is when I think I'm pushing the limits running a ton of plugins and effects and I look at the performance meter in ableton and it's only at like 30%!

    be careful what you wish for!

  • RCUS

    oh, almost forgot! thanks for the killer shots peter. seriously those are really nice! i just hope those new Open Labs drum and fader controllers actually fit in the Gen 4 stuff. no word from OL on an upgrade path yet…i really hope it doesn't break the bank.

  • knobber

    Cool photos! Did you get to see this thing ? First one on that page. crazy!

  • Tim

    man those are pretty…