RCUS notes there’s a beta page for the Automap 3 beta for Mac and Windows:

Focusrite – Novation Beta

There’s a registration form for beta testers so you can stay up to date, but you can grab the download immediately. Sounds great to me, as more (quality) feedback can mean fewer bugs!

And what about the HUI support in Automap (which apparently includes the free Automap 3 Standard)? HUI, or Human User Interface, is the older version of Mackie’s control scheme, implemented over MIDI for more extensive control over DAWs’ editing features. HUI support (added first in the 2.0 ReMOTE SL operating system) gives you control compatibility with the wonderful, affordable Reaper DAW, plus Logic, Final Cut Pro (yes, the video app), Nuendo, Cubase, Ableton Live, and others. Some of those are supported separately by Automap, but others – like Final Cut, for instance – could be fun to try out.

  • If I understand this concept correctly, this could be a GREAT thing.

  • Well, it depends heavily on how well your host plays with it for the host features (anything with HUI support is a bonus), but yeah, Automap is already a great thing and this should be … greater.

    I saw some of the heads-up stuff working quite nicely on the floor last year, so I'm eager to try it, perhaps screencast it.

  • MB

    I've been waiting for Automap to play nice with Logic before jumping in. I see that they don't seem to have quite got there yet, but does HUI support mean that…that….well, what does it mean, exactly?

    If anyone feels like educating someone who has just never been able to get his head around Logic's rocky relationship with control surfaces (or could point to a good educational resources), I'd be very appreciative.

  • RCUS

    not so happy with this AM3 beta so far. i actually had a really bad crash after using it for about an hour – not sure if I can truly blame it on Automap though I guess (i think i may have carelessly loaded one too many Proteus X's cuz I was too lazy to setup the midi routing).

    I did not have the latest OS running on the Remote SL though so I may give it a go again later. i had assumed it updated the OS when I did the install from the beta, but it only updates the Automap Universal, not the OS.

    My whole issue with Automap is that while i realize the importance of seeing what you're doing, it invariably always comes down to tweaking something and finding out what sounds good when you're in the studio. I think the GUI is way more of a benefit when you're performing Live with plugins. Even still, I can use Ableton to see the parameters that are being tweeked by the SL or just look at the GUI of the plugin that i'm using to see what's going on. But yeah, the benefit to having your eyes fixed in one area and being able to switch between plugs is still really nice. I guess i'll appreciate it more once I finally start playing out again, and have everything assigned where I want it.

    Its a love hate relationship with this thing. I'll see how it goes once I download the latest OS.

  • I tested Automap with Logic and was pretty pleased. The thing is, to me Automap isn’t as useful with anything that doesn’t intelligently reduce to a more limited number of encoders. So, for instance, even with Operator in Live — which is about as minimalist as synths get — I have too many parameters to control on just eight knobs. It makes more sense to put it in a Device Rack, just to have the advantage of picking the eight things I want to control.

    Likewise, if I’m working in a Reaktor patch in any host, it makes sense to wrap that in Kore just so I have eight encoders and eight buttons that do something logical when playing live. By the time I’m paging through parameters, I’m likely to be faster with the mouse.

    I did find the ability to page through tracks in Logic was reasonably nice with Automap, and that worked for me. But I guess I’d need to know more about what folks are trying to do, and what isn’t working.

    I hate to say it, but the fundamental way we put this stuff together — with VST and AU and MIDI — doesn’t lend itself well to dynamic, intelligent controllers. At least Automap is a decent hack for certain situations, but the reason I recommend Reason or Live without hesitation is that they do a lot of work on their end, too, to make this all function. (To Reason’s credit, Reason was first.)

  • RCUS

    Hey Peter,

    After reading some messages on the Remote SL yahoo group, it was recommended to uninstall any previous versions of Automap, which I hadn't done. I was also incorrect in my post above – I was indeed on the latest OS version 4.1.09. hopefully reinstalling a fresh version of Automap will work as it seems the majority of people on that message board are reporting good things about it.

    ALSO, in response to the pricing stuff with AM3 Pro, if you read the manual on the beta site, theres a couple pages talking about a key activating Pro. Theres a line in one of the pictures that says "If you received your activation code with your Novation product, enter it here." That would lead me to believe Automap 3 Pro will be included with the purchase of novation gear. but for guys like me, it looks like $30.

    not sure if $30 is worth Auto Focus or not…..i don't need a nocturn either so, again..i dunno

  • frabo

    Automap 3 has still a lot of bugs and it is really not ready to let it out !

    it sends midi masseges on the keyboard down from C1 !
    this works on Midi clients as well in plug in automap mode in Logic and Ableton Live !

    – in hui mode with logic:

    no toggle between mix- and plug in- mode !
    that means, you don't have a plug-in or a instrument mode !

    Vol feedback only from 0 to 127, not in db !

    no feedback of the tracknames !

    no smpt or beat screening !

    it is static, not editable !

    is not useble !!

    it's a shame .. :-((

  • Kyran

    I use the nocturn mostly with zebra 2 and the new uhbik plugins.
    Zebra2 has 4 xy pads that can be assigned on a patch level, so that gives you 8 controls to tweak on each pad.
    The uhbik plugins all fit on one, maximum 2 pages to map all buttons and knobs. This makes them extremely fun to play with.

    Anything that's larger than that, I'll just use my mouse for.

  • RCUS

    I'm pretty Skeptical about HUI mode with Reaper. From what it sounds like from frabo, it's still going to be no bi-directional feedback which blows. I will wipe the dust off Reaper this week and give it a try. Otherwise I'll be sticking to my custom templates since. Anyone else get to try the HUI support?!

    It seems to work well now though with plugs. I just really hate having to switch between the Ableton template and the Automap universal template when I really can just stay in the Ableton template and use Abletons built in plugin focus.

    Oh and drag and drop being an AM3 Pro only feature is really lame too!

  • So far the beta of Automap 3 is much better than Ver. 2. It's starting to work the way they said it would (with Logic anyhow) almost a year ago.

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