N0stromo tells us he is planning to port his “Piggy” LittleGPTracker (lgpt), the tracker currently on the Linux GamePark platform, to the Sony PSP. LGPT has the interface of littlesounddj, as known on the Game Boy, and can even drive MIDI (meaning this could be a great time to figure out MIDI output on the PSP). He’s asking for donations, and he’s already well on his way, meaning you have a chance to put him over the top – reach into your (ahem) Piggy Bank:

PSP lgpt port [fundable]

You’ll need to hack your PSP, of course, until Sony sees the light and allows arcane music downloads via its official store. But hacking isn’t so bad. We’ll keep you posted!

  • So close, lets DEW EET

  • if the prospect of having lgpt, lsdj and pspseq all on the same platform doesn't cause you to pop 10 boners, then you must not have been jumping over school buses all day.

    composing on the go is the only way to write music as far as I am concerned. The modern troubadour will have this in his arsenal, a spring in his step, and the ability to rid your city of rats with his charm and cut up amen breaks.