Via the fantastic French language VJ blog Le Collagiste, version two of Codanova’s VJ-centric midi controller has dropped, and been obsessively photographed alongside the original.

Codanova VMX VJ V2

The new VMX VJ is considerably slimmer, still bespoke manufactured in France, and as beautiful as ever. Shipping worldwide for €500.

  • JC

    Too bad their customer service is non-existent and it takes them weeks to process orders from the US.

    Thank goodness for the Akai APC40, why spend $800 bucks (including shipping)
    when you'll be able to get the APC40 for half the price!

  • hmm, never tried the vmx controller, looks like fun, but I'm happy with my VCI-100. DJ/VJ same time 🙂
    peep the videO using the vci-100 with VDMX: