Accent Feed of San Diego has a fantastic list of the 10 Most Innovative Concert Visuals ’08. Now, I’m not normally a big fan of top ten lists, but in this case I couldn’t agree more with Migeux. And likewise, with the likes of United Visual Artists’ project for Massive Attack and the incredible Nine Inch Nails tour, atop projects like my personal fave Cornelius, we’ve had some truly wonderful concert visuals lately. Check out the list, but any you’d want to add?

  • Cornelius definitely had the best visuals I saw in 2008.

    Peter, maybe you know, are Cornelius just that tight or are their visuals more generative?

  • The NIN concert tour had some pretty unique/rockin' visuals thanks to Moment Factory:

  • Thanks Peter!
    I have to say, I'm not for top 10s either, cause in the end is all subjective,and its not a competition anyways right?

    I tried to be as objective as possible, some of the bands listed there I don't like at all, but I focused on the visuals mainly. (besides a lot of the selected shows were recommended by readers on a previous post).

    Also I was bummed that the Diesel installation was only shown in 2007 and it was not really a concert, because to me, that takes the cake right there.. haha

  • Also if anyone knows who did the visuals for cornelius (I think that is the only one I'm missing) or you think you can correct some of the video artists mentioned, please let me know, sometimes its hard to find the right info, and I would like to have proper credits listed.


  • I believe the visuals for Cornelius are from video collaborator Koichiro Tsujikawa. Certainly, he created the music videos that make up a lot of the show; projection design, LEDs, I don't know who that is.

    I did an interview with Cornelius here:

    And hey, I'm all for lists when they work! In this case, I'd say ten is an optimal number! 😀

  • Joshua Bogart

    Radiohead got my vote…

  • Tool.
    And Signal was great aswell.

  • opp

    Bassnectar's visuals at Rothbury were tight.