Ted Pallas sends along this terrific video of a hacked hardware crossfader, created by John Beez, that slides up and down on rails. Slide the crossfader itself vertically, and you change the pitch. It’s always fascinating to see this kind of solution — a bit like the keyboards that added pitch bend by letting you move the keys in latitudinal motion.

And, for a little extra something, he adds a talkbox, too. The only problem with the talkbox: a tube in your mouth is not the world’s most flattering physical interface.

From the description:

This is the first public view of the Fretless Fader system I designed for use with the Controller One (posted February 22, 2009). With this you can cut and change notes through 2 octaves without taking your hands away from the vinyl and fader. Big thanks to Gizmo at skratchworx.com for the feature! Stay tuned for an in depth look in the next vid.

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Seen other attempts to do similar things? Let us know.

  • bliss

    Hope it's copyrighted. If not, what is he going to do once Numark and others bite the idea? 'Cause they're going to.

    Really cool.

    And, yeah, unless you're Roger Troutman, lose the tube. 😉

  • rhowaldt

    or, make the tube cool, by creating a helmet around it with various tubes coming out, with leds inside them blinking in time to the music, and specifically the only working tube (the one going through the helmet into your mouth – inside the helmet so no-one can see how ridiculous you look with the tube sticking out of your mouth), the talkbox-tube, should have lights that react to the singing you do through it. how cool would that be.
    if the keytar can be cool, so can the talkbox-tube, is my opinion.

    ah yes, and, really cool – the pitch-fader

  • clarity

    Incredible. One of those things you see that makes you think "…why hasn't this happened sooner…"

    I disagree with the sentiment that the talkbox tube is unflattering – it's part of its mystique. It's all about your attitude and stage presence, e.g. Roger Troutman (R.I.P.)

  • chris

    DJ Sniff on vimeo

    Heres another person using an interesting set up like this… avec MAX/MSP.


  • that's tight as fuck! good work!

  • That is seriously cool…brings even more levels of musicality to DJing

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  • I have an 06pro and want to make this.
    After seeing the video my guess is he's either using LED's from the innards of a mouse to transmit HID data into MIDI data. you would only need one LED. as it moves up and down it moves in zone's…those zones then trigger HID to MIDI.
    it's doable using HID to MIDI progs instead of using MAX/MSP.