We love computers. But the idea of a piece of hardware capable of triggering clips has been tantalizing from the beginning. Grab a piece of gear that’s not big and pricey like a Pioneer DVJ, plug it in, and play some clips into your mixer and effects — sign me up!

The only problem has been, not only does the Edirol P-10 cost as much as a well-equipped laptop, but it’s first iteration had some significant problems that made it useless to VJs and live visualists. Specifically, latency made the P-10 undesirable — ironic, as low latency is exactly why you’d want to use dedicated hardware. Tony of The Lab writes to let us know Edirol has fixed a lot of those problems with a firmware update. It sounds like someone over at Edirol was listening:

I’ve stumbled upon this firmware update for the Edirol P-10 and I must admit it’s made a hell of an improvement on clip triggering. The update is simplicity in itself too. If you have a P10, this update is essential.

There is also available a mac version of the P10 conversion software too, ill check this soon.


I’ve lifted this straight out of the pdf instructions.

The ver.1.05 software includes following improvement and correction.
– Faster pad response for playback (in case of the video playing
back which is less than 1 – 2 minutes).
– Supports 32GB of SDHC card.
– At previous version, a few frames of video ending part was not
played. The ver.1.05 solved the problem completely.
– When the MIDI setting “Soft Through” is OFF, “All Note OFF” and
“All Sound OFF” MIDI command does not go through.
– “Slide Show button” by MIDI is available.


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  • random

    this update works great!
    It pushes p10 forward!
    but what about new release
    for conversion software, with drag & drop clips, batch processing and a thumbnail preview? like a database. did anybody ask edirol about that?

  • comankh

    yup, i was repulsed at first contact, especially for that price… clips were pausing for some frames and then playing. i'm curious how much it is fixed now…

  • I was in love from the beginnning and bought one before they were even @ U.S. retailers. Now its just icing on the cake! This thing is now an absolute must for my VJ sets.

  • one day… will it come… no frame drops?

  • just a quick teaser before my full review coming late November 2009.


  • I am considering between the p10 and the Kaptivator.  Video quality was poor on the Kaptivator, but it had very very good control of playback and internal clip editing.  For example you could trim the video sample, then set the BPM of the video sample, and finally replay the video at a new BPM.  You can set BPM using either a dial, a tap button, or a sound trigger input.  It also had a internal HD(BIG) as opposed to the solid state(swappable).
    Does anyone have experience with using both samplers?

  • Tony