People seem generally glum/cranky today for some reason, so I offer this (non-digital music) image: a Carnaval parade of guys in wooden, mustachioed masks ringing cowbells. More cowbell, indeed.

Wearing wooden masks and cow bells strapped around their waists, Germans defied the freezing temperatures to participate in the traditional cow bell-ringing procession in Mittenwald, in southern Germany. The century-old custom is celebrated around carnival.

New York Times Pictures of the Day, 2/19

Just remember, folks: musical instruments are a wonderful thing.

  • Math:Eugenic

    Sure the bells are shiny but what kind of DSP flexibility are we looking at here? How do I integrate them into my host? Rewire?

    They look way to happy to be there, how can we be sure Mittenwald Cowbells didn't pay them off?

  • Now that's a lotta cowbell!

  • MMI

    It's my February and I'll blah if I want to.

  • TeeJay

    Life is too short. Play more cowbells on your favorite song here:

  • Serious Productions

    More Cowbell Remix!! First song in the player…

  • Polite

    are they… are they wearing creepy german guy masks?

  • SimSim

    I think this is creepy indeed. And I live just 50 km away… 😉

  • That's creepy, really?

    I sort of got charming / rustic.

    Bet it sounds cool. That's a lot of cowbell.