This time tomorrow (6PM AEST, 8AM GMT, 3AM New York), I’ll be streaming live with AV turntablist Sampology from the Game Over party at the State Library of Queensland.

Following on from our previous Game On Set. Sam will be kitted out with Serato’s Video-SL (review on CDMo), and I’ll be bringing a brace of live camera feeds with the Vixid VJX16-4 video mixer (minisite | on CDMo).

Last time it went down something like this:

Sampology at Game On – AV Turntablist Set (Part 1) and (Part 2) from Herovision on Vimeo.

Video-SL is fantastic fun, and as a visualist it’s somewhat humbling to discover what a turntable worrier can do when their spinning plastic discs suddenly have power over vision as well as sound. Tune in tomorrow to see.

To sweeten the deal, we’ll be preceeded on stage by Yahtzee (of Zero Punctuation) and Matt and Yug (of Australian Gamer), who will have a screening of their show Game Damage, and then talk about games rather a lot.

Using web production studio Mogulus, the stream will be viewable on the CDMedia channel, and there’s a countdown and embedded player at Herovision.

  • lematt


    the technology is impressively efficient, but the dj himself is really gifted !

    coldcut was in that business a while ago though, like… 10 years ago they were already pioneers in the live video mixing thingie.

    nice article and video !


  • Kyran

    The video looks exactly like what coldcut does live. Both visually and musically. Which is not a bad thing, cause Coldcut has one of the best electronic live shows I've ever seen (they even managed to impress my girlfriend, who lives by the rule that electronic music and live shows don't mix).

  • best dj in australia….

  • barry phart

    Clever, but really these kinds of mashy visual experiences are ugly and have no narrative coherence. So wheres the value. conceptually and visually unrelated clips being blended in a visually muddy way…..A bit more work in that sense will get me on board.

  • I have purchased Ms. Pinky five years ago to do this thing but the mixer haven't midi crossfading capabilities in that time (only expensive Allen Health xones)

    If you want a constructive criticism: Focus your set on teaching use or full Hip Hop show (alone or with a mcs)

    Give some content and use, don't stop yourself at WOW… It is not new (but it could be a new useful way to perform…)

    Think around it.

  • wondering – have you tried piping in jitter video into mogulus? do you know if this works?