As packed as the global calendar for digital events can be, there are certain spots where you just say, “damn, I wish I had been there” — and the Mapping Festival in Geneva, Switzerland fits on that list for us. The good news: there’s still time to mark your calendar for May in Switzerland, and on top of it the call for works has been generously extended through February 9, so you still have a shot at being one of the visualist superstars at the show.

And yes, there will be mapping of the projection kind, too.

Sponsors/organizers include the ubiquitous VJ app:
Modul8 | cdmo tag

Sponsors/co-organizers this year include the excellent and highly underrated touch-enabled Usine modular music environment:
Create Digital Music » Modular Sound by Touch: Usine
… and

toby*spark wrote for CDM about the awesomeness (and, apparently, “nakedness”):

The first two Mapping Festivals quickly became legendary. An audio line-up worthy of a music festival, a cream of visualists married to a playground of seemingly a thousand projectors… Complete with dormitories above and sofa-strewn cinema to the side, the party didn’t stop.
Now in its fourth edition, Mapping has changed into a two/three week showcase split between the original venue ‘le zoo, pour les animeaux nocturnes’ and Geneva’s modern arts centre hosting gallery installations and an audio-visual stage.

Create Digital Motion » AVSocial>Node08>Mapping>Vision’r, With Resolume 3 and FreeFrameGL Preview

Organizer Boris Edelstein writes about the 2009 edition of the fest:

The Mapping festival is an international AV festival based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The festival begun around VJ culture and electronic music, then it evolved to live images in contemporary art, audiovisual performances, interactive installations, workshops and lectures.

For the 5th edition, the festival will take place in art spaces, club, cinema and open air in selected places in the city and will last 10 days.

For more background:

Pictures of the last edition : [note: plenty of that NSFW nakedness in here]

You can also read a blog from Ilan Katin about the 2007 edition :

05, 06, 07, 08 website editions :


The organizers are looking for VJ sets, audiovisual performances, installations, projections (indoor and outdoor), and the usual lecture-workshop-presentation-demo stuff. Postmark deadline is February 9. Details on applying (and the 2009 festival):

Mapping Festival VJING & AUDIOVISUEL 8- 17 MAI 2009 – GENEVE SUISSE (recently updated, if you haven’t been by lately)

  • ilan

    Usine is actually a large building in Geneva that hosts the Mapping festival. It contains both the legendary Le Zoo club on the 2nd floor with its bountiful projectors and screens as well as Kab that is more of a rock band centric venue on the ground floor. Also in the building are a restaurant called Moloko (food is great and its always full of punks and rastas), a small movie theater called Spoutnik where workshops/lectures are hosted and a theater for dance and thespian pursuits.

    It should be noted that this is one of the few remaining alternative venues in Geneva. Not too far from it there used to be a large industrial lot called Artemis that was recently shut down leaving the Usine as one of the few places where Genevans can get their ya ya's out.

  • Hi ilan — whoops, thanks for the correction! (So, in other words, both Usine the building and Usine the modular music app are very cool…)

  • ilan

    My pleasure. They are both indeed incredibly cool although I can only vouch for Usine as it is the only one of the two that I have had hands on experience with.

    I hope you can make it this year.

  • I think this year I can't, as I'll be at OFFF just before and then have a dance piece I'm doing music for opening that week in NYC!

  • ilan

    While at off be sure to check out Frank Bretschneider. Let me know next time you pass through Berlin. I was sadly unable to attend your performance at Dense that time.

    Good luck with the dance piece!

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  • Hello,

    Small correction about Ilan's message.
    The name of the alternative place in Geveva was not Artemis (the greek god), but Artamis, contraction of Art and amis (Art and friends).