Now, why would anyone imagine this wouldn’t have widespread commercial appeal?

If you enjoy real analog insanity – crazy noises that challenge the ears – you’ll like these videos sent to us by Hans Tammen, the composer, “endangered guitar” artist, and director of NYC’s Harvestworks. He writes:

you like analog stuff, as I know. Here are two excerpts of a concert with one of Rob Hordijk’s Blippoo Boxes. Just that tiny analog beast plus volume pedal…

Of course, part of what I like about analog — and digital — sound sources is their range. Want to make something that sounds noisy and chaotic? Want to make something that sounds more organic? Delicate? We really do have infinite timbral choices.

So I’d say, even if you hate these kinds of results, they’re a reminder that no sound is off-limits. You can make whatever noise you like.

See also: the slow section. (“Adagio” wouldn’t quite fit, somehow.)

Elsewhere: I see these have already been on Matrixsynth.
Matrixsynth: Blippoo Box Solo Concert (1) – Slow Movements Excerpt
Matrixsynth: [Noodle]Blippoo Box fun

I really, really love the knobs on this one. Lovely. From mono-poly’s blog, via Matrixsynth.

  • cebec

    Anyone know if Rob is still making these?
    He is one of the Nord Modular and G2 community's best assets thanks to his workshops, building blocks, etc.:

  • That sound makes me wanna hurt people

  • Yes, I learned an awful lot about synth programming from Rob's tips when I first got my Micro Modular. The guy is awesome. He makes some really killer Nord patches as well.

  • The overlay on the bottom pic makes me smile. It reminds me of those old circus fliers for some reason. "See the bearded lady! Come one, come all!"

  • Chris Knight

    Where can I get one of these? Or something similar perhaps.

  • GrievySteve

    my butt made these same sounds after eating bad clams.
    my butt doesn't have those cool chicken head knobs though.

  • wnarx

    Truly great mad scientist stage persona.

  • Imdeth

    Those knobs goes by the name "chickenhead" knobs.
    They are famous in guitar industry. I have a knob like this on my tube Fender.

  • ariel

    is the best

    love to him

  • Arzie

    I saw this guy perfom this live at the last Warper NYC. I belive thats where this video is from. It is a much more 'touching' experience in person. I had never heard a performance like that before.

    @Chris – I get what you mean, listing to him live made me want to break things.

    Don't get me wrong, it was definitly an interesting performance.

    @wnarx – spot on about the mad scientist vibe.

  • Rob Hordijk

    The Blippoo is designed using analog electronics only, applying principles from Chaos theory.

    There will be an article describing the design filosophy and workings in the 19th issue of Leonardo Music Journal, to be published next May.

    The Blippoo is made in small series and only available directly from me. The list of artists using Blippoos in their live performances include, next to Hans Tammen:
    Amy X Neuburg, Gino Robair, Joker Nies, Richard Scott, Alberto de Campo, Mario de Vega, Hans Koch, Paul Klaui and others.

  • Chris Knight

    Thanks for the information Rob, are you familiar with any other instruments either pre-made or DIY kits that work in a similar manner? I'm very very interested in this kind of technology.

  • cycle60

    choice sounds. I think I need to try and replicate this in Reaktor.

  • richard

    "I think I need to try and replicate this in Reaktor" good luck with that! 🙂

  • Danny

    Alot of the sounds of the blip-POO
    stray into the Dutch Oven territory.