Touch Mix is a simple music app for the iPhone and iPod touch that lets you play, mix, and remix ten exclusive tracks by producer deadmau5. Now, of course, you’re unlikely to grab this in order to DJ nothing but deadmau5. (The all-deadmau5, all-the-time approach?) But the app demonstrates that iPhone-only artist releases can be a whole lot more fun than just a few tracks and some static album artwork. And it also shows off what a handheld DJ interface could look like, with a pretty efficient one-screen-per-deck design that doesn’t overwhelm your fingertips.


  • Two players, two sets of playback controls
  • Interactive display warns you as the next track is queuing
  • Separate crossfader, volume
  • Effects: loop, filter, flange, delay
  • Adjustable speed, bpm
  • Scratch, back spin by touching live waveform

Yes, that’s quite a lot more than simply plopping in some static content. Just guessing, but I imagine we could see this app applied to other music, as well. (What you can’t do — yet — is bring in your own waveforms, which would make all the difference.)

Touch Mix is the work of Future Audio Workshop, the folks who brought us the lovely drag-and-drop, OpenSoundControl-compatible Circle synth. FAW’s Gavin Burke had a chat with us about how he thinks about design. (If Touch Mix isn’t meaty enough for you, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch to control Circle in real-time; you’ll find an app that works with the popular TouchOSC to ease setup.)

Touch Mix deadmau5 Edition
iTunes App Store Link

  • very cool, the fact that this is a full dj app is really interesting… maybe just the tip of the iceberg for what they are going to do with this code.

  • dyscode

    While the app is fun, you may want to remember that it was deadmau5 himself who took the fun out of remixing him.

  • ..but deadmau5 put the fun back in, by releasing some of his samples royalty-free on cd..

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  • crikey

    It's unfortunate from a spectator's POV that developers seemingly as on their game as FAW (Circle's great – I use it) decided to partner with such a douche/drama queen spokesmodel for publicity. I suppose I can't complain too much if it helps to fund the development of more good software.

    Apologies, Peter. I know you'd rather we keep it civil around here.

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  • RichardL

    I don't know who this Deadmau5 is, but this app seems like a lot of trouble just to be able to support 10 samples. Obviously there's more here, but I suspect they're going to be dishing it out piece-by-piece. Nice amusement though.

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  • Medusa

    Last comment has killed me. How can you possibly don't know Deadmau5 and still own an iphone… I don't understand this world anymore..Tell Deadmau5 I Love him!

  • hueyjl

    can u mix your entire music library with this app?

  • ash

    @hueyjl: unfortunately not. i think apple doesn't allow apps to access the itunes library. at least i haven't seen any iphone app yet, that can do it.

  • That's right — that's an Apple decision to not allow you to make direct use of the library. And to me that seems to be about control rather than security or quality; that's one of my beefs with them. In fairness, no mobile platform is without compromises, though, certainly not at the moment.

  • Armando Cajide

    Peter is right, Apple is not letting you access your own content its not the apps fault. Sucks because I'm sure he would make another couple of G's off the App store alone.

  • anyone paid the 2.99? if you did and have a jailbroken device, try getting in via ssh and see if you can just replace the audio files…?

  • had some iTunes $ so I took one for any interested parties…

    1. it doesnt seem to send audio out of the built in speakers in my 1st gen iPhone – headphones only.

    2. each 'track' has a .beat file associated with it (see grab).

    3. all 'tracks' are only 12 bars at 128bpm.

    4. replaced one of the defaults with a 12 bar 128bpm loop with same name and that worked.

    5. there's also 10 tracks to play with but 11 inside the app.

    6. there's a CodeResources which is a .plst file – lists all elements including tracks. could possibly add more tracks via this file – havne't tried yet. not sure how those data strings are generated and how they are linked. (see grab 2)

    I'm not a coder so idk where to go besides just replacing the tracks with new audio but keeping same filenames. deadmau5 isn't my cup of tea music wise, but love FAW and this app looked fun. hopefully just an update or non-deadmau5 version is in the works.

    GRAB 1

    GRAB 2

  • quone….that is genius…have you tried anything else to replace tracks/expand library….im sure its not that difficult.

  • tt

    ok i just bought it. first thing it says on the top is that its for iphone OR ipod touch. well i have an ipod touch. spent the 3 dollars to buy the app. its in my itunes. as i plug in my itouch i get the message saying the deadmau5 wasn't installed to the ipod because it is NOT COMPATIBLE. what the fuck. does this happen to anyone else. or am i just getting totally screwed by apple right now

  • Jasper

    With firmware 3.0; developers can finally access your own ipod library on your iphone/ipod touch.

    So I hope to see a new version off this app that lets you access your own music to mix with.