For further proof that you can make footage in Blender, here’s an example whipped up by Troy James Sobotka. Troy’s approach is one familiar to a lot of us: grab the simplest camera possible, go shoot something, go make something. I think it’s part of what I find appealing about the world of live visualists – exploration is encouraged. The tools in this case:

  • A Kodak Zi6 camera – cost: US$160. (I’m impressed; sure, it’s broad daylight which is ideal for cheap cameras – but it still looks better than what I’ve seen from the Flip.)
  • Blender for editing, effects
  • ffmpeg for export (no capture necessary — thanks, flash memory camera!)
  • Two hours shooting, four hours editing. (Now, if they did it on the day they had a gig, then they’d be a VJ.

I’m not saying you wouldn’t still prefer your fancy pro HD cam and Final Cut, but that’s not the point – the point is, you can make these tools work if you like. And, hey, if I had to choose, I’d save my money there and go buy my favorite VJ software package / more projectors and gear. More details:

The Driblet of an Aphorism: Right Where it Belongs (via)

As a follow-up to why I’m interested in Blender for video editing.

  • Yeah ! Blender really rocks for any visualist , it can do awesome animations , real time 3d applications(games) compositing, and its workflow and filosofy is for me the best i know.

    And blender 2.5 is going to be even better.

  • By the way , here´s a tutorial i did for making an osciloscope in blender. using an audio script.
    there is also a import midi script

    tutorial :

  • cat

    Lovely camera work amazingly smooth pans for hand held, is there smooth cam in blender or do they have arms of pistons and steel?
    Great vid

  • huhuuuuuuuuuuuu

    big news for blender

  • Svon

    Most of the video is just blurry and uninteresting. I don't recommend watching it. The cheap camera can be identified with the blown out highlights.

  • mediumlite

    I bought a Zi6 back in December. You're right. They must have arms of steel because the camera doesn't have any on-board stabilization. The output is jitterific.

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  • I always love to celebrate my weekend with no less cheap software. Windows Loader