April Fool’s, San Francisco style – with a parade. Now that’s more fun than sitting in front of blogs. Photo: Patrick Boury.

Here’s a cruel joke for you: the first day of Frankfurt’s Musikmesse trade show? The date on which all the music tech press releases for the show have dated their embargo? April First.

Now, to me, the whole point of April Fool’s is surprise, or at least humor. April Fool’s has become so obligatory that everything from faux press releases to blog posts are dedicated to the topic whether they were inspired or not. So, you know what? No April Fool’s Day here. Anything covered on this site tomorrow will be – to the best of my knowledge, anyway – real. (Or as near reality as we ever get.)

Ironically, news in our world is so unsurprising, any interesting news is immediately suspected of being fake. Teenage Engineering’s Operator-1 is so cool looking that, aside from concerns it may not ship, some of you have gone so far to worry the whole thing is an elaborate April Fool’s prank. (One clue that that’s nonsense: it was announced on March 30. It even missed the Ides of March.)

But there you go: case in point. Reality actually can be cool. So we’ll stay away from the pranks this year, and any foolery will be of the technological kind. Enjoy.

  • Wait so moog isnt making Moog Filter on a chip boxes via china for $99?

  • Ableton Serato link patch (with handshaking)

    You could control Ableton from Serato timecode, ITCH or twice.

    Remember it!

  • Rex Rhino

    Of course, this post could all be part of an elaborate ruse to give your April 1 joke stories credibility! 🙂

  • You're absolutely right. I have only one choice: post inconsequential news tomorrow. 😉

  • synthetic

    Music Thing won April Fools with their Behringer Minimoog and AKS a few years back. Every one since then has been disappointing.

  • Well, there's nothing wrong with not getting your hopes up until it appears at your favorite retail outfit. Vaporware or Stromberg lol.

    I'm just disappointed at the way this sort of thing divides us as community. The shoe has been on the other foot and lessons of old seem to have been forgotten.

  • Not sure I follow you, Cosmonaut. The way what divides us how? 🙂

    I mean, hey, anyone wants to celebrate April Fool's on their own, that's their prerogative. 😉

  • not whether it's real or not, but i suppose it's just me in that i would rather wait for the hard facts on a number of fronts to come along. sure it looks cool and it's exciting, but that's not enough (to me) to hang an expectation on; not even considering how many high profile hoaxes, flops, false starts and over ambitious projects we've seen. I guess it was sort of spooling off of the previous comment I made about how it seems people are getting hung up on form over function.

    I suppose if someone were to ask what the frequency response on the filter was I'd feel appeased lol


    Of course we KNOW that all the Akai/Alesis announcements are Real because they are just repackagings of things they've done before.

    Frikkin typical.

  • As someone who was born on April Fool's day (yeah, really), I have probably been the butt of more jokes on that day than the average person.

    I've basically been trained to never believe a single thing told to me on my birthday. It's an odd state of affairs sometimes.

    But – on a totally unrelated note – did you see Moog has figured out how to compress time by reversing their analog delay, so you can hear a sound before you even play it? Amazing!! 😉

  • Hang on, hang on — I've got it.

    First, you'll need synthesized sounds or recorded samples, not live audio, for obvious reasons.

    Proximity sensing keys.

    That way, as your finger nears the key, you hear the reverse delay. Hit the note, and you get a nice reverse envelope.

    Somewhat harder to replicate than their analog silence generator, but possible nonetheless.

  • moog has a good one up.

    im waiting for some accidental april fools spotting thats actually a product, but seems like a joke.

    im thinking the nord c2 might fit that category.

  • Han cantado BINGO!