Handclap designer from jkant on Vimeo.

Miss the Clapper ads? Want to randomize your music sounds by clapping your hands? (You! Kore! I demand you randomize my player! Make it so!)

Guiliano Cantini, an enterprising Pd (Pure Data) patcher, has done that with a simple patch routed to Kore Player. The combination is free and works on just about any OS. Silly, perhaps, but then it also demonstrates some of the fun you can have with performance rigs.

Naturally, this patch could be easily ported to Max/MSP and any MIDI-receiving software, not just Kore, but I do like this combination. I’ve written up some more details on how you can get this rig going your own using the downloadable, free patch, for our Kore site. (To my knowledge, Reaktor doesn’t have exactly the same sort of transient detection possibilities, so I think Pd is the right choice here.)

Hand Claps Randomizing Kore Settings, with Pd [kore+CDM]

Thanks, Guiliano! Keep this stuff coming.

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  • Man, I can't even imagine how insane you could get with putting together a live setup with this at its core. Even something as simple as a patch that reacts to audience noise could potentially be a lot of fun (or pure chaos) depending on how it's implemented.

  • Sasa Rasa

    Nice article, Peter. Couldn't find the actual name of the guy anywhere, but I'd bet it's "Giuliano" instead of "Guiliano"

  • jkant

    …and you'd win! My name is Giuliano actually 😀
    Nice article and tutorial Peter, thank you!

  • gotta check it out when i get home.

  • brian

    thats one hell of a clap you have there