What happens when you put all the digital and electronic tools you love together into one groove session? I expect it probably looks something like this video. Welcome to the new digital music age: DIY electronics, vintage digital tech (Game Boys), and modern computer tech (Monome as Arduinome clone, Max/MSP, and shiny MacBook) all coexist. And a fair bit of what you see if a modern hybrid of old and new paradigms, like the thoroughly modernized Tracker Renoise. Thomas Margolf says “Greetings from Rotterdam” and writes,

We made a first Jam using the new GorF step-sequencer, Arduinome, max msp patch ‘Soyuz’, a Gameboy running LittleSoundDJ, LSDJMC2 Gameboy Midi-Interface, Renoise, Ableton Live and a Nord Micro-Modular. It’s the first session with a fresh soldered GorF.

Lovely stuff. Keep on soldering and jammin’, folks. Okay, tagging this story is going to take … a lot of tags.

  • very nice. i wonder how everything is synced, especially the game boy.. all by midi?

  • mainform

    It's all done over MIDI. The Gameboy is synced via the LSDJMC2 interface by Firestarter. Very cool device to have if you use LSDJ or Nanoloop. You can find out how to build one here or you can buy a pre-made one here (Japanese site), Lowgain isn't selling them any more. You can alternatively make an Arduinoboy.

  • Really enjoyable little jam session here. I'd love to chop this up and go to town on it in Live or on an MPC.

  • hey, this is some hot track. Good job.

  • Human Plague

    Looking good, sounding good too!