Touch interfaces abound on this site, but Usine has one edge: it’s built right out of the box to enable touch interfaces with custom, modular creation of whatever you might like. And there’s now an Ableton Live template in testing, with a lovely 5×5 controller.

The advantage of working this way, as I see it, is that you can begin to expand Live sessions beyond endlessly-looping, pre-built audio clips or DJ-style mixing.

Discussion on the Sensomusic forum:

5 x 5 Live Control Patch

More on Usine:

Modular Sound by Touch: Usine

And for two significant new multitouch tools, from last week:

Roll Your Own Multitouch Screens, Tables: Max Multitouch Framework, PyMT

  • Fractal

    I can tell you :

    With a touchscreen tablet(my TX2Z multitouch) this add-on is just terrific !!! awesome !!!

    the work made is giant!

    You want a Lemur and a APC40: try Usine! πŸ™‚

  • graham

    damn it though, i really wish they made usine for intel mac. it is a real bummer.

  • congrats ! really amazing job !
    Usine can really provide the tool we need / imagine…

  • lematt

    i second graham, usine for mac would be a nice present.

  • heartstring

    I third the mac version! Are there any alternatives?

  • graham

    can i fourth my own, usine needs to pull some audiomulch shit fast, and release double platform.

  • diego

    Graet, but where is the TOUCH? I only see mouse movements…

  • thank god. someone took the time to make a template
    now i can justify buying usine

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  • The beautiful thing about something like this, aside from the modularity (which freaks me out and I use Usine as my main live app, what an amazing job) but that, once this kind of thing is uploaded, anyone with Live on Windows can just DL the free version, pop open Usine, and go.

    Even if, like I did recently, you find yourself with no PC and just a wifi connection to download freeware πŸ˜‰

  • 23fx23

    This version was a little buggy, If you see it's working well only at the end of the vid, otherwise cells are overbright, but I fixed it and extended Fx to 8 instead of 5 (the 5th cell act toggle between two pages for the 4 other cells). will post it this we with a premaped liveset.


  • 23fx23

    …and no touch cos I broke my touchscreen!!! πŸ™

  • I know your pain.
    I was without a touchscreen for a year and finally got a 12" to tide me over til multitouch comes my way.

  • Hmmn…. Nice idea, but seems a bit topsy and beta-ish. I <3 My Lemur.

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  • loz

    This would be massive if you could make a mac version…