Nine Inch Nails have been on tour around Australia with the Soundwave festival, and their artistic director Rob Sheridan has been along for the ride, and took his Canon 5D MKII on stage at various venues.

Full HD Version from Nine Inch Nails.

Screw resolution charts and slow focus pulls on flora, this is how you test out a camera. Take it up on stage with crushing noise, blistering lights, smoke, sweat, and guitarists flailing around. The 5D has taken it all in stride. All of the videos are available for download in 1280×720. That’s a 650MB file for the above video.

Obviously Sheridan’s close collaboration with Trent and NIN has allowed him to work in a way which many artists would find intrusive. Weaving amongst the performers, and handling the manual focus with aplomb, he’s pulled off the most realistic, personal concert footage I’ve seen for a long time.

Update: Here’s a crowd view of the same performance, including Rob moving around the stage. Interesting to remind yourself how a “normal” camera deals with concert lighting.

  • MMI

    From one non-NiN fan, that was awesome on so many levels… wow.

    Good thing I'm not a camera guy or I'd be very broke.

  • Maybe this is obvious but I just wanted to make clear that the sound isn't coming through the camera, it's coming from the soundboard.

    Yea, unbelievable stuff. Trent treats his fans better than anyone else. All of the videos are even better when you download them at their highest resolution.

  • Cool! Kind of the music/live equivalent of the Subway Short.

  • anyone know the contrast ratio comparison between say, this camera, a red one, and a canon xhA1??? im pretty sure that the red one has a contrast ratio (or gamma curve? i donno what the standard measurment is these days) comparable or better to a 35mm panavison film cam. here at my office, my boss bought an XHA1 just before i arrived, and im pretty sure we could still sell it used for the price of one of these puppies… also the other important question, is what data format does it shoot the video in? what data rate? is it selectable? i gaurantee it would be beter than mini DV… and tapes! ahh!!! im background capturing some montreal fashion week video @ the office right now, i could already be editing if i had a flash card and a hi-spreed reader!

    this is a crazy time for camera technology… i think the camera manufactures are scared/confused about what the future of SLR-size and pocket-size cams can do for the money…

  • This is beautiful. There's one shot about 2:30ish of the drummer against the strobes that is completely mindblowing.

  • reel2reel

    The rolling shutter of the cmos is all to obvious with the blinders going

  • massta

    reel2reel, I think you nailed what I was going to say; the shutter isn't fast enough for the strobe lights and we are seeing some banding. I also noticed some at the bottom of the video during camera movement. Watch "The Fragile" and you might see what I'm talking about. Great song by the way, so glad to see them playing it live.

    Regardless, it's looks pretty amazing and how much strobe light filming will a VJ do? Here is a review, probably from the best camera site I've ever gone to, of the Canon 5D MKII:

    For $2,700 MSRP, that's a steal against the Red Scarlet:
    which is supposed to be priced around $3k, but doesn't come with a viewfinder which is a shame because the Red accessories are very expensive. Hope to see prices drop.
    (escee, your talking video cameras, this is SLR units)

  • @massta: That's more of a press release than a review, but are indeed a fantastic camera site.

    @reel2reel: Watching at full speed I thought there might have been some kind of non-linear pattern to the rolling shutter, but watching it back does indeed show plenty of half-exposed frames. It seems pretty minimal to me. If the Nikon D90 was subjected to that kind of fast movement it would look like the video was being projected on jelly. The strobes are definitely a harsh test of this. Definitely something to keep in mind if you're shooting with one of these cameras. In this case I think it adds to the chaotic aesthetic of the footage.