Scenes from the Live 8 launch event in Berlin other Live 8. Actually, Live 8 will totally make you feel like eight men. Ableton, you can quote me on that on your press clippings page if you like. (Pictured: Live 8, the relief event, no relation to Live 8, the software.)

Live 8 is now officially out – for download versions, that means you can go grab the thing right now; retailers are also offering the software in boxed form today. See my previous look at top features.

The sorts of things that might make you like this new version:

  • Groove extraction and dynamic groove quantization
  • Live loop recording instrument (this one with the ability to set your tempo based on your loop length, for what’s called “first loop capability” a la the LoopStation)
  • Some lovely new effects — Vocoder and Frequency Shifter being my two favorites
  • Collision, a physically-modeled percussion instrument
  • Lots of improvements to Operator
  • A cleaned-up, expanded, improved sound Library

And quite a few other things, as well.

Curiously, I can’t find any information on what Share, the file sharing feature, will cost. I’ll try to find out.

Live 8

For those of you eagerly awaiting Max for Live – the environment that lets Max/MSP/Jitter patches appear natively in Live – that’s a separate release, expected later in 2009. (No beta is yet available of Max for Live, either.)

Update: Bits of the Ableton site haven’t been updated as I write this, but we do have the previous download/upgrade page (thanks, @plasticsounds on Twitter)

Updated Ableton did update their site and the upgrade is now available for purchase and download.

I won’t comment yet on pricing as it’s a bit complex, but see some discussion in comments.

I’m finally editing some videos we have of tips for using the new version, so stay tuned right here.

Now, everyone go and write about / link to Live 8, as it’s getting really close to beating out the Live 8 concert event on Google (pictured at top).

  • I'm waiting for MaxforLive Serato integration.

  • StirHouse

    Was this posted early? is showing otherwise.

  • mistermoya

    Yes it seems I can't upgrade as well. What gives? Is it a glitch?

  • I think it's more like is posting late. 😉

    Ableton sent out a press release today. No embargo — dated today, 4/2.

  • mistermoya

    Well if the press release it out then it's just a matter of waiting. 🙂

  • Isn't it enough just to read the press release and now that it's theoretically out? 😉

  • MMI

    They're moving fast, that's for sure. I think they want all of us beta testers to pay up 🙂

    Now I get to figure out how to merge my 7 and 8 libraries. Ugh.

  • mzo

    Do. Want. Now. LoopStation sounds win!

  • StirHouse

    is there any info in the press release regarding Max 4 Live?

  • Wow, that's a bit more pricy than I expected for an upgrade. Then again, I'm still using Live 4, and there's quite a bit more in 8. In the mean time, I'm going to hold off until Max for Live comes out, as that's what truly looking forward to.

  • Max for Live is a separate product release, and is expected later in 2009, so no surprise there's no mention here.

    M4L will require Live 8, too, so if you want Live 8 now, I'd say go get it.

    One important thing about M4L, too: my understanding is that it won't use Max 5's performance interface. That is, you can use Ableton widgets from the Live interface but can't build your own UI's as you can in Max. So that means for some projects, it may make sense to run Max standalone instead of M4L.

  • pixelJUNK

    You have the link to download versions here:

    sorry for spam 😉

  • Dave Woodwater

    Live 8 is great. Awesome upgrade.

    Loving the beta. The new operator is really cool, the track grouping is really practical all of it is just great.

    Hitting refresh like a madman on now. 🙂

  • Fabian

    149€ for the upgrade….that is much.

  • jonnyfive

    Yeah I don't see it in my "upgrade" cart yet…

    I hope they at least announce the Pricing cross/upgrade structure for M4L with respect to us Live 7/Max 5 owners, so we don't have to wait till they officially release M4L…

    @Mudo: No need to wait, check out Ms Pinky

  • ganjjjj

    @ jonnyfive: no FLAC, only aiff, wav, and mp3

  • Dave Olson

    Seems kind of April Foolsy. If you go to the website posted above the stage in the picture it's for some kind of relief organization.

  • @Dave:
    It's April SECOND, for crying out loud.

    I posted a picture of Live 8 the event, not Live 8 the software.

    Live 8 is real.

    Someone at Ableton didn't update their website.

  • Dave Olson

    I don't get the correlation between the Live 8 event picture & the software. If they're totally unrelated it is kind of funny. What am I missing here?

  • ganjjjj


  • Dave Olson

    ok I see now….


    Scenes from the Live 8 launch event in Berlin other Live 8…..

    my bad. funny… I spent a little too much time trying to draw a connection between the 2.

  • looking forward to getting my hands on 8 at the launch event tonight in chicago… expecting a packed house

  • H!P

    So is it released or not???

  • Dave Olson
  • plopp


  • Ernie Flagg

    What's up with the 50% increase in upgrade price? Thanks for stuffing your regular long-term subscribers Mr. Ableton.

  • WHIV

    $200 for an upgrade? I can get a brand new EDU version for that. You've got to be kidding me.

  • @Jonnhy5 I'm Ms. Pinky user, check the forum I suggested Scott MIDI OUT&OSC output…


    But I'm waiting for MaxforLive…

  • $200 is for the US citizens. In Europe the AL shop shows 200 EURO, and it's almost 1,5 as much…

  • RCUS

    Damn I must say from all the research I did on Live 8 pricing, it definitely seems that current Live users got kind of a shaft on this deal.

    I finally just pulled the trigger and, going from owning nothing to getting Ableton 8 Suite (box) rang up at $600.72 total shipped.

    Here's my path:

    1) Live Lite (Focusrite Edition) – came FREE with Remote ZERO SL I bought two years ago

    2) Live 7 Upgrade (with free operator and drum machines promo from Ableton site) – $299.99

    3) Live 8 Suite (box) Upgrade – $300.73 shipped

    In researching I also came up with a few interesting facts that you guys might not know regarding differences in the Ableton Live 8 variations (please correct me if i'm wrong anywhere):

    – Suite 8 (download and box) both come with 1600 presets in the forms of drum and instrument racks. These presets are not in the standard versions of Live 8.

    – Suite 8 (box) is actually downloadable for immediate use after you pay

    – Suite 8 (box) is apparently the ONLY version that ships with: Session Drums, Cycling 74's "experimental loops" (440MB worth), and Zero-G loops (400 more loops).

    – Suite 8 (box) and Live 8 (box) are the only versions that ship with EIC 2(essential instrument collection 2).

  • vinayk

    I ordered Live when the "buy live suite 7 now and get a free upgrade to live suite 8" was going on – however my account is still asking for a $229USD upgrade cost!!!!

    I've sent an email to ableton – anyone else having this issue???

  • gbsr

    uh. max for live is in beta. you have to email the beta test coordinator.

  • I seem to distinctly remember, on multiple occasions, the words "You don't need a vocoder" and "Live will never have a vocoder" from Henke…

  • All existing Live owners also got a $30 voucher code sent to them back in January so you can upgrade to 8 suite (inc latin and collision) for $149 download or £179 boxed.

    All in all it's a significant upgrade so the asking price seems reasonable to me.

  • @gbsr: Wait, has the Max for Live beta actually begun, or are you just pointing to the beta coordinator info?

    I would presume Ableton would do its normal beta phase at some point for M4L; that definitely hasn't happened. Now it's possible C74 has a more limited beta on their end; I don't know.

  • Tim

    @vinayk I had the same problem yesterday, but looks like its fixed now.

  • I've got to say, Live 8 is pretty amazing. So many new things to play with… it's almost maddening. I don't see the upgrade price as being unreasonable at all.

    Totally worth it, in every way.

  • Steph

    @vinayk I have the same problem as you… I am waiting for my authorization code too 🙁 Looks like we will have to wait for monday, when they come back to their office. That's it quite stupid to launch a new version on friday… I don't know what they were thinking of.

  • at JM: I dont understand :

    30 bucks off of the regular download upgrade would be 159.99 usd. but that doesnt get u the Suite at all.

    also, i am not at all happy with the 200 dollar upgrade fee. if they had waited and combined all the features from 7 and 8 then i can understand.
    but if i am gonna pay 200 dollars a year to upgrade this software, i may consider not upgrading at all from now on.

  • "One important thing about M4L, too: my understanding is that it won’t use Max 5’s performance interface. That is, you can use Ableton widgets from the Live interface but can’t build your own UI’s as you can in Max."

    From the updated ableton site it looks as though M4L will support performance views (see the delay example) as well as the regular Max interface widgets, under the headings 'push the button' and 'interface friendly'.

  • Actually, the *image* I believe is showing us editing the whole patch, but on the other hand this sentence certainly implies the possibility of using other UI elements:

    "you also have the freedom to create new and unique interfaces using the extensive set of Max 5 user interface elements."

    — which would be very good news. Ideally, once opened, these would pop up when you select a channel, as with other plug-in interfaces. I'll try to find out.

  • EK

    Agree with pg-13 – As one of the unlucky ones that got 7 just before 8 was announced, I think the voucher size, combined with the price hike is one step too far. I'd like to be able to afford that annual upgrade, but I can't justify it and also refuse to support a company who continually call adding a few new plugins "a new version". I love Live, but I do not agree with their definition of "version value" – It sets a bad, bad example that others most likely will follow.

  • "Actually, the *image* I believe is showing us editing the whole patch"

    In the patching image, because the positions of the elements are different to that of the 'locked' version, i took this to mean that the 'locked' one was the performance view, and the edit screenshot was the .. non-performance view (is there a proper name for that?). I certainly hope so anyway.

  • Purchased the Upgrade to Suite8 (boxed). Waiting for delivery …….

    p.s. Hello Mudo, nice to see you here 😉

  • got live 8 recently. many features. fun and impressive. only downside for me is that it is significantly slower than 7 on my mac. looks like others have the same problem on the forums. bummer that they spend so much time with new ideas yet forget that the program still needs to "work" at reasonable speeds. hopefully they will address the slugishness in an update. i had a similar problem when 5 came out and it wasn't really till the 7 release that the program seemed to catch up with speed to where it was with "new features"…or bad on me for being impatient 😉

  • At least!

    Work is done. Start patching!

    PS for Ableton and Serato: I still need a JOB.