Let me get this straight.

Burial and Four Tet are working together on a record.

But there’s …

No artwork.

No promos.

An entirely … black cover?

And it’s vinyl only?

I’d believe the whole thing were an April Fool’s joke, if the folks at Bleep didn’t put out an email:

We was so excited about this one, we couldn’t wait till next week to tell you… A split release shrouded in darkness (hence the artwork; no sales notes, no audio, no promos). We have been told the artwork will be in a black cover with a black sleeve on good old fashioned black vinyl.

One disc, two sides crafted by two of the most insurrectionary, innovative producers of the last twenty years, Burial and Four Tet… Believe us, this will fly off the shelves. Now available on pre-order and ready to ship for the release date of May 4th. Do not get left out. "Essential Purchase" has never sounded so right.

Look, they even included a thumbnail image of the album art. (I’m not making this up, this is literally what was included in the email.)


Maybe it’s an image of Cleveland at Night.

These guys do know the “Smell the Glove” “Black Album” in Spinal Tap was a joke, right?

The really amazing thing is, black-on-black vinyl-only limited release with only two cuts can’t even distract from the news that Burial and Four Tet are doing an album together.

The release hits May 4 for US$8.99 as a limited-run 12” vinyl.

Is this the test pressing?

It’s Friday afternoon, so you have my official permission as Editor-in-Chief to quote random lines from that scene in comments. GO!

Official release page / preorder from Bleep

(Wait, ships 04.05? I’ve missed it already? Oh, yeah … the rest of you in the world aren’t American. Never mind.)

Update: will it go fast? Will it ever. It’s already sold out, in something like an hour.

  • Mattbot

    None more Some as black.

  • None.

    None more black.

  • …and it's sold out.

  • @Jesse: Indeed. That only confirms and strengthens my earlier reaction, being … WTF?

    Maybe these guys bought half of them and figure they can live off eBay revenue in the future? (Now *there's* a business model for the Future of Music that makes some sense.)

  • decrepitude

    Simple. Beautiful. Classic.

  • matt

    maybe a different scene:

    "basically a two word review: s**t sandwich"

  • this is merely a glimpse into the future of music merchandise mayhem…you can thank Kode9 for all this

  • how much blacker could it be…and the answer is none more, none more black.

    who wouldn't love to see this be the future of music merchandising? more vinyl? yes please.

  • There's no way that this release won't be good. Too bad I won't get to hear it until one of the lucky few decide to rip the vinyl.

  • mode

    "A split release…"

    Sounds more like a compilation (for the lack of a better term) than an actual collaboration. Still a cool idea, but not quite as exciting as if they had actually worked on the music together.

  • bliss

    And so this article was simply to drive traffic to Bleep for exactly what?

    Take a few days off, Peter. We won't mind too much. 😉

  • bliss

    Too funny. First Beyoncé, now this. 😉

  • IV

    That's actually quite brilliant (and God I wish I had known about it before it sold out). These sort of limited, unique physical releases are going to be important to small indie artists in the future I bet.

  • @bliss: Ah, yes, but now I can profit off the affiliate account I have with Bleep that … oh, wait. That I don't actually have. For a sold-out record.

    You questioning my business plan? 😉

  • marky mark

    so its got to be time for an exercise in mash-ups!! could be called "Untrue dialogue" 😉

  • Will C.

    Ugh, I'm not a fan of vinyl in the first place, and it was sold out so early anyway…love both artists, hope they decide to do a digital release or something later. It's just not fair for music from artists so good to be heard by so few.

  • David Koresh

    ah, another Burial record.
    I'm sure there will lots of static and reverb on it.

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  • velocipede

    I rarely ever have a negative reaction to what artists and their promoters do to attract attention, but this made me feel queasy.

  • Paul

    So it's a 12" vinyl with one track on each side…a 12" single then. Most albums are a bit longer than that.Agreed an actual collaboration would have been "rad"

  • contakt

    Bummed this sold out so quick. I am sure it will be a cool record – good for Bleep to have put together a record that created this much interest that it sold out in advance.

  • "It's such a fine line between stupid and clever"

    haha I LOLd at this. thx Peter

  • what a clumsy release – "essential purchase" – but… for a lucky few only.

    i cant see the point of not making music available digitally for download as well, instead of only on a format kept afloat by dumb hipsters and men over 40.

    "Vinyl is a pain in the ass" – Ritchie Hawtin. yep 🙂

  • I agree with you, Tom. It seems like certain people just hang onto the concept of vinyl because very few people in the world understand the appeal, which makes it that much better in hipster-cred terms. K–100 records in a bag? Heavy and limiting. Thousands of tracks on 10oz external drive? Teeny and creativity-friendly. I have been known to mix in some weird ass old Skam stuff or similarly sideways stuff just because I thought of it on the spot and wasn't limited by needing to pull records in advance.

    I for one embrace our digital music overlords.

  • I managed to get a copy. I'll give you my verdict when it arrives in the post. k

  • Downpressor

    12" single with no artwork on sleeve and limited press run… hrm…. I have um… a hundred or more of those?

  • 2 of the most boring and overhyped artists of our time.

    i'll be giving this excerise in hype a miss.

    as for warp, this about sums it up:

  • @chris: Really? I can see the Burial comment, but Four Tet hasn't been all *that* hyped relative to some folks in our business, and I quite like what they do; I think it's covered an interesting range. I suppose it's possible to still like a musician even if you think they *are* overhyped.

  • I agree with Peter–I don't think Fourtet / Kieran Hebden is that overhyped, unless you're referrng to his numerous remixes of indierock bands and the like. Then, well, he's just being a smart musician. 🙂

  • <blockquote cite="">@chris: Really?<cite>

    no – probably not. grumpy mid morning comment!

  • @chris
    "2 of the most boring and overhyped artists of our time.

    i’ll be giving this excerise in hype a miss."

    Your not wrong. I just saw tet Live a couple weeks ago. Disappointing to say the least.. I enjoy his recorded material, but i'll pass on watching yet another 4on the floor DJ with a monome. I was hoping for some innovation. Or at least something to rival the quality of music on in his albums.

  • Rhythm in Mind – check the netlabel scene if you are looking for good new artists – labels like test tube, thinner, electronica, and 12rec just to name a few are (to my ears) putting out incredible music time after time, and with none of the hype and 'critical immunity' that the press seem to give artists on labels like Warp…

    lol the monome comment 🙂

  • s-n

    this is a collab! quit the hype game. listen to it if you care.. going on about it is fucking useless.

  • Mick Frisco

    Artie Flufken, Polymer Records
    (not from that scene, but thats the only quote i ever remember.)

  • k

    so.. preorders suck. for real. what's the chances that after knocking in some preorder action, then finding out on its release date that you're not actually lucky enough to get hold of a copy?

    i'm looking forward to hearing it, either way. hyped or not.

  • mode

    Juno records posted a couple audio clips of the album.


    Definitely sounds like a collaboration. I'm really liking what I hear. Hopefully they'll release it digitally so we won't have to listen to someone's scratchy vinyl rip.

  • hype.
    After listening to the soundclips on juno, it sounds like I didn't miss out on much. Im sure copies will show up on discogs and ebay as soon as it hits the streets…
    and 4tet may not have the "Drexciyian" levels of hype that Burial has, but he's up there…

    When are you gonna start covering weird electronic music that's "somewhat" under the hipster radar?

  • donnie

    I never even knew this record existed while all you guys were complaining about it, but now i've got a copy, you've just gotta have a little search, there's plenty of places that still have copies! This is my first net blog, i've always been put off by the fact that its only people complaining that write anything, but here I am being a hypocrite.
    If you don't like burial why are you here? The same can be said for vinyl. I'm a vinyl head, but i still appreciate the benefits of MP3. And its not like these tunes aren't gonna be all over the web in less than a week!
    Call me a fool, but I never understood MP3 mixing, vinyl just makes sense when you're blending those tunes. You can see the grooves and feel the beat! And who needs a thousand songs for a set? Restraint breeds creativity. And nothing can beat that sound!
    But I still love my hard drive full of thousands of tunes I'd never had heard if it weren't for digital music!
    Much respect to Burial and Four Tet for making so many sick tunes!

  • k

    i found a copy, but like i said, i'm not sure if they'll pull through or not. like how many records were pressed? i'm skeptisch that all distros will be able to cough up seeing as it's not even out yet. i reckon in a lot of cases it'll be the case of only a handful of shops/distros would get limited stock in. who knows?!

    and yes, i totally agree with your vinyl fetish talk.

  • Paul

    Listening to it now, and it IS a collaboration. Very nice too……I just wish whoever ripped it had cleaned the record first ! :o)

  • thank goodness for rapidshare


  • @Paul, from what I gather a lot of the crackle and noise seems like it's actually recorded.

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  • Kevin

    This IS a collaboration. I actually picked up a copy at my local record store today for 12.99. Not bad.