Musician Christopher Willits has an ongoing series for XLR8R Magazine in which he talks his own technical workflow. In the latest episode, he adds live visuals to his Ableton Live set using Max/MSP/Jitter. What’s nice about this is you see how some clever mapping can make visuals integrate neatly with music.

I’m somewhat insane, so my own setup often involves simultaneously running visuals separately with no communication with my music software. That allows me to set up less-direct relationships between visuals and sound.

But, while the techniques could be combined to a variety of setups, this also serves as a nice introduction to how you might use patching in Jitter alongside your music software.

Curious to know what you think of the presentation and content here, as I hope we’ll do more videos like this ourselves.

What You Talkin’ Bout, Willits? Part 10 [XLR8R]

  • mh

    Can you please never again use this flv flash player?
    'Your video will resume in 20 seconds…wtf'

  • Revision3 uses Torrent, so that's an alternative.

    I can't be responsible for their player; it's their own creation. 😉

  • MMI

    XLR8R TV also is available by podcast (which is how I've been watching it) and I've been enjoying the Willits' series a ton.

  • lou

    ah yes! so amazing. Willits is so cool!!
    i've been a fan of his music for a long time, but just found this series he's been doing. wtf!? brilliant stuff.

  • mzo

    Enjoyed the video but I second not using this flash video player again, the timeline on it didn't work, very annoying.

    Videos of this type I would definitely love to see more of. One of the thing I love about the DIY a/v community is the enthusiasm for sharing creations and workflows. It's like open source in a way. Often an audience sees the output of their work and has no idea how awesomely complex the actual creation really is without videos like this 🙂

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  • Thanks for the post, Peter. I haven't been following Willits series, but I will now. My setup is using Ableton Live w/ VDMX & Quartz Composer (i.e. VJ Kung Fu – April 11 2007) and I appreciate seeing other AV approaches for pros/cons and ideas.

  • johnny

    Awesome video, thanks for posting. Jitter is very powerful for manipulating video in conjunction with audio but the workflow in all honesty doesn't look like much fun. I wish ableton would come up with a much more seemless app, one for both audio and video, so I don't have to waste all this time figuring out nodes, patches etc in jitter. Maybe I'm dreaming, but it would be more like a combination of After FX and Ableton live, where I have all the buttons and features at my finger tips that I'm used to as a VFX artist.

  • nice video. does anyone know if willits has made that jitter patch available to download? i know he did that with some of his other videos.

  • dudemaestro

    did you know if you can make that with pure data???……
    i really wanna start working with video an ableton live but i dont know how integrate it in live …. :S

  • SAD

    The workflow described here doens't look much appealing for a beginner (while Ableton and Max promoted their "half-fusion" like the final resolution to let "everybody" patch easily, a bit exagerated promotion IMHO), besides the kind of interactions between sound and video described in there are not so suggestive IMHO. With PureData – as dudemaestro said – you can do exactly the same without spending all that money and even in less time using some specific libraries such as 'pdmtl' from Montreal Pd community, which include READY samplers, analyzers, audio utilities – mixers, faders, eqs – and efx, visualization & AV sync patches, MIDI learn&notes&ecc, 3D video enviroment, Math operations, and nice GUIS. And all that for free in an opensource enviroment, which i still consider an important attitude.
    Even if some OS-related articles are appearing from time to time here on CDM, I really would like PureData to be more considered specially compared to proprietary softs workflow. Not to create a competition, but only to let readers realize that there isn't one only, Absolute way.
    Specially cause i believe the work you do at CDM is great and professional.

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  • All,
    I am working on a modular environment in Max for Live for Live-like control of Jitter. This is currently in version 0.2, requires at least Live 8.2.1 and Max 5.1.7.
    You can download it on :
    Or :