Fractice Whorld from Jeff Mission on Vimeo.

Fractal-generating software was once all the rage. But fractal geometry is as compelling and organic as ever. And newly-released Fractice software is not only free, but has some unique features that make it worth a look – particularly real-time control for live visuals – and that bring fractal software into the year 2009:

  • Anti-aliasing
  • Deep zoom (a natural feature for fractals)
  • Multicore and distributed processing
  • Movie recording
  • Live visual controls: mixing, mirroring, origin motion, palette tweening, dual-monitor support, and MIDI

Where this gets even more interesting is that our friend Jeff Mission, maker of the generative, Wiimote-controllable software WiiWhorld, has written scripts allowing you to control Fractice with gestures on your Nintendo Wii remote. The video at top shows what happens when you blend Fractice as a background layer with Jeff’s own generative creations in WiiWhorld.

Jeff writes:

We’ve had a lot of fun working on this over the past several months, and putting it through its paces at some local events.  Like Chris’ other software, it’s open-source and free to all.


Fractice is software by Chris Korda:

And to connect your Wiimote, you can use this script, in conjunction with the free, powerful game controller-mapping software for Windows, GlovePIE:



I’d still like to see people push fractals in different aesthetic directions, but I find this fascinating, nonetheless. Curious to see what folks do with it.

  • davidegomba

    nice tool.
    development roadmap
    appeared on the forum soon after the first thread.

    Haven't tried yet but it's on he to do list (man, can it play live?)

    It would be very very very nice if if could use/process the Flame Recursive Fractalalgorithm from Scott Draves (on witch is based electricsheep)

  • cocorosie

    What is that music?

  • lux

    nice kick!

  • Josh

    mac alternative?

  • Quite a few Mac tools that do fractals, but I'm not sure anything that does them live. (Well, unless you code it yourself using something like Processing…)

  • Rusdi Umarella

    cool stuff you got there.. peter.. how can i download it.. would you send me a link on my email.. please..

    thanks before..


  • Tao

    man , i might be very late for this , but if this is doing what it promises , its mind blowing , i am a flow artist that can spice up visuals with that , thanks a bunch

  • Tao

    can’t find the wiimote script though , any idea where i can unearth it ?