Our stream experiment worked – thanks for enduring it! So, we did get a very basic stream going and were able to successfully broadcast over 3rd Ward’s network. I imagine it was generally not so interesting if you tuned in (we had some equipment and camera placement issues). However, it functioned a proof of concept, and in future we can actually make it much more interesting, with videos of projects queued, more interaction, and camera + audio that actually brings you the event. So thanks for those of you who helped (who also clued us into making chat work on IRC as well as ustream), and looking forward to our first proper livecast!

This is entirely experimental, but I’ll be broadcasting live from Handmade Music tonight in Brooklyn. Drop by and have a look at what’s going on. 7:30pm Eastern (that’s GMT -4) is when the event begins. We may be able to switch on earlier than that, but I’ll at least try to have something up by then. Note that we may not be able to have someone live on chat through the evening, so you could get a fishtank experience, but I’ll try to get folks to come say hi through the evening.

We’ll use this first attempt to see how things go for the future.

And of course, if you’re in the New York area, you can just drop by yourselves and have free beer.

  • Armando C

    Dude I'm stoked! I'm at work I hope this stream keeps up, the back of the store network kind of sucks right now. Really cool to tune us in from all over the world!

  • lee

    Video and audio were quite good here in Montréal, Quebec. Looking forward to future broadcasts.

  • huh

    im a bit confused… where do you connect to the stream? 3rd ward site? is this happening on the 17th of april?

    i was just thinking about the possibility of this type of thing. im not near Brooklyn or anywhere else that has these types of events….

    would be cool to have internet based sharing too. others could share their work with the 3rd ward group regardless of their location.

  • Sorry, the stream was tonight. But yes, totally, we're working on all of these ideas. This first experiment wound up being very helpful.

    And yes, the major goal to me is to find a way to connect people who aren't geographically in the same place, which is what this site is all about. 😉

    Open to any specific suggestions of what you'd like!

  • huh

    i just noticed the post was from yesterday (16th)… i would have liked to seen it.

    where is this blog located, anyway? last comment was listed as 837am… its 3pm here.

    it is definitely be an interesting idea to explore… is there a set date for this to happen again?


  • Hmm, that's odd — I think I may have misconfigured WP time zone wise, as those comment timestamps are wrong. Right now it's 3:07PM here in New York, which is GMT-4. Server time is 1:07 PM (Texas). I'll uh … fix that.

    But yes, you didn't miss *too* much as this was our first experiment. Next time will be cooler. Handmade Music is every month the third Thursday of the month, so next date is 5/21. We'll for sure be trying this idea again, and I've got some other ideas in store, too, for live online events. 😉

  • Imani

    Damn Peter. It just keeps getting better. I just saw this post and I wish I could have seen the stream in it's inaugural glory stage. Anyhow looking forward to more broadcasts to come! I need to get my ass back to NY soon.

  • Velkro Smaak

    Maaaaaan, I missed that.

    Are these streams going to be archived somewhere? *hint hint*