Superfluid vs Particle from jimi hertz on Vimeo.

Speaking of insanely-cool multi-touch magic and the wonderful resource that is the NUI Group, CDMo Fave Memo is working with Jim Hertz to do ridiculous things with water screens (water as in H2O) and particles (the virtual kind).

I could explain, but watching says it all. Or, as their marketing puts it:

Ever heard about MSA Fluids ?
Ever had particles on your water screen ?
Mad scientist Memo Akten wields the immeasurable Power Processing Particles (PPP) and is one of the most powerful entities within the Multitouch Universe; he has created the MSAFluid , a tools that gives to any multitouch user access to limitless fluid & particles energies .
That’s insane ! Please Stop Memo ! Call Superfluid !

Until actual superpowers start to evolve out of genetic mutations like in the movies, this seems the next best thing.

  • So nice!

  • this is sick technology… hahha great video!

  • WOW!!! AMAZING!!!

    Seems like someone at Apple should talk to him about an iTouch app! (though putting water in an iPhone is probably not a good thing;) Maybe an emulator would work. I'd love to play with one. Very, very cool!

  • Woooaooooozzzzyy! Even cooler than a Scobot in superman tights! TEK