GPU HSFlow port to Quartz Composer from vade on Vimeo.

The Live Optical Flow Processing continues. Anton Marini, aka vade, is working on his own Quartz Composer patch, which will in turn be integrated with the visualist software he’s assembling, v002. More details once we get them, but you can see how nice parameterizing this in real-time can be. And once that software is out, you’ll hear about it.

A big thanks to Andrew Benson for inspiring all of this. More to come…

Optical Flow on GPU []

  • This code is basically a direct port of Andrews work. A huuuugggeeeeeeeee big up to him for releasing it, and letting me port it. I hope to release it soon with source. Thanks!

  • that IS SO FUCKING WEIRD, I was JUST watching that very movie! Great work again, Vade (and Andrew, of course!)

  • Yeah, should likewise be possible for direct ports to GLGRAPHICS on Processing and FFGL. Will work on those later today. 😉

    Of course, the advantage of using (cough, Andrew's employer) Jitter is you do get really easy control over the parameters, with more objects than QC gives you…

  • Vade, great work. I look forward to adding it to your other patches I rely on, like the Screen Capture patch.

  • NICE. win, all around!

  • oops messed up the markup.
    vvvv user michel ( translated the optical flow shader to hlsl. get it here:

  • Adam

    Perhaps, I'm geeking out about the wrong aspect here but…

    Vade, where is the dragon from?

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  • Adam, thats 'Grok', He is not a Dragon, rather, more of an alien. He came from 'Dimension Y', via a space ship (that we suspect he stowed away on, the pilot does not recall him being on the roster or part of the crew). he was locked in stasis during the flight and crash landed here with us. He does not remember his past, but has declare himself 'King of everything'. I suspect you can find more about him from this xenobiology page:

  • Neb

    Wow, fast work. Very cool, can't wait to see the release.

  • I liked the Marini's Optical Flow on VVVV. But I'm very happy that we talk about Quartz Composer, IMHO a very good tool.