Percussa micro super signal processor

MSAFluid for processing (Controlled by iPhone) from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

We can continue to ponder how to convince Apple to let Memo’s simple but powerful-looking MSA Remote multitouch app on the App Store. But in the meantime, a resourceful developer has tried simply writing a quick app for the Safari browser. This is doubly promising to me. I love full-blown apps, and they typically allow access to some of the powerful sensor and location features of mobile devices. But that’s not to say browser apps won’t also have a place for quick prototyping, live performance, and installation. WebKit browsers are now not only on iPhone and iPod touch, but Palm Pre and Android – and, I suspect, more places soon. This could be a great outlet even for extending functionality of apps.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a quick way of using the TUIO protocol – as Memo is doing with his (App Store-rejected) app + Processing above – Andrew Turley’s app is a quick fix. I’ll be looking at mobile browser development alongside app development, I know, and I imagine all of us will keep praying for the MSA app.

TUIO Multitouch for iPhone: Browser App Hack Replaces Rejected App [Create Digital Music]

touchy feely [Pillowsopher Blog]

And yes, as this is a browser app, it should work on other platforms, too. The disadvantage of Android G1 is you’ll get only one-touch … while we wait for generally-available multitouch capabilities on Android, I imagine more specialized apps with specific platform tie-ins will be more useful.