You know that viral, deeply inspirational Britain’s Got Talent clip in which a lone singer bursts the preconceptions and expectations of the whole world, dazzling audiences and bringing people to tears with her talent?

Yeah, okay, so this is pretty much nothing like that.

This is more in the category of self-deprecating artists who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, being exactly what you’d expect them to be – and then some. Let’s call it “dorkpop,” intentionally geeky musicians willing to be just the people they are. Three keyboards, and one man with a keytar. (Note that he basically demonstrates in the video why these should be called shoulder-mounted keyboards or something, since the only thing they have in common with a guitar is a strap.)

Artists able to laugh at themselves: always a good thing.

But the really funny thing about this clip is that Simon Cowell apparently can’t laugh. He seems somehow offended by the fact that they don’t take themselves seriously. Mr. Cowell, unable to handle irony?

Well, if Susan Boyle was so heartwarming you needed a dose of irony, here it is.

Via our friends in the UK who themsleves have quite a lot of British talent, MusicRadar (of Computer Music and Future Music):

Simon Cowell bemused by keytar trio

“This is not serious, right?” Evidently Mr. Cowell has quite a bit in common with certain grumpy readers of this site in comments. (You know who you are. We forgive you.)

  • More entertaining than anything else that happens on that show. I like that group's vibe 🙂

  • man, hes totally rocking that keytar.
    id go pay to see them, for sure. theyre awesome.

  • zenzen

    Ah yes, the SHS-10. Bought it new in candy-apple red in '87, sold it in '05 at a profit. Nice 2-op FM bass & cheese, cool portamento, pitch-wheel, on-off modulation … and MIDI out! But I'd be a liar if I said I missed it. The new Roland keytar on the other hand looks swell. Shame about my male pattern balding and love handles. Oh well. Rock on.

  • tters

    Not buying it for a minute. These are NOT genuine synth dorks. (totko.) It is a put-on… a send-up… a contrived bit of character acting, right from the deliberately-odd coif to the facile and overplayed gesture of pushing the glasses back up the nose. Check some of their other videos to see them desperately incorporate various examples of last-year's viral trends into their schtick.

  • @tters: Well, that gets into an interesting metaphysical question. If you're aware you're a dork, and USE or ACCENTUATE your dorkiness to build greater commercial success, do you cease to be a dork (i.e., once it starts to drive the girls WILD)?

  • samu

    (wipes tears from eyes)

  • Meh. Irony is boring.

  • In other words, we can all be measured by a Cowell Index in terms of how receptive we are to this group.

    I could believe they are still dorks in real life, even if they've decided to market that. 😉

  • tters

    Not exactly sure how a question of (Platonic?) 1st principles applies here, since I think we can philosophically just assume for this discussion that the 3 lads exist, and are universally observable 🙂

    I whole-heartedly agree that a genuine social misfit with a predilection for synthesizers SHOULD get totally laid!! I just wanted to point out that there are inconsistencies in the evidence that these guys are actually earnest & genuine dorks. There's no less artifice here than than with the career (re-?) launch of that ol' bat that was last cast in this spotlight.

    synth nerrrd p0wr! (feeling like an activist / advocate all of a sudden ???)

  • CPRoth

    Still better than BoyZone.

  • And they even have a frea**ng hilarious documentary on the Stylophone.

    I'm crying.

  • Did you just dare compare me to Simon Cowell, Peter?


    To be honest, I can't bring myself to watch this video, because of the derision I have for Cowell and his entire empire. But that's just me being humorless, isn't it?

  • Oh, believe me, I have my grumpy moments, too. Unfortunately, they don't translate into the fabulous wealth that Cowell has amassed. For that, and his domination of the Top Gear leaderboard, I have to respect the man.

  • Oh, yes, I guess "humourless" is the right answer.

  • The funny thing is, if you were to meet me in person, the last thing you would ever say about me is that I'm humorless. 🙂

    As far as wealth goes, I live by the words of the great Dorothy Parker: "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to."

  • TJ

    Reminds me of the provender of that great song, "I'm Henry the Eighth, I am", Herman (of he & the Hermits). Great fun, and clearly out-of-the-league of the "music industry" types … who're all about "suck-cess". Spot on for a new age, boffins!

  • If this is the conversation here I don't dare jump over to matrixsynth.
    Apparently hell hath no fury as "dork" scorned ha ha

  • zenzen

    Just watched a bunch of their videos on youtube. It's very clever work, with wonderfully knowing, low-rent aesthetic.

    In the top video, clearly Simon does not think he can monetize them. Or he thinks he can monetize the mileage he can get by setting himself up against them. Either way, Simon is a genius, an eeevil genius.

  • They 're from my home town (Leeds) where no one should be taking themselves seriously….and they arnt. But still very very funny esp. the stylophone video…

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  • Mark

    At the risk of sounding "grumpy", I have to agree with an earlier post. This sort of "irony" is no longer funny. Mostly due to the fact that it's just become a sad highlight of certain realities.

  • tters – these guys are for real.

    i would go to see this band live!!! i love the way he keeps pushing up his glasses 🙂

  • Mono

    Jesus I think some people need to lighten up a bit. Its just a bit of fun. Whats wrong with that?

    'A sad highlight of certain realities'; I mean c'mon dude…

    Whats wrong with a couple of dorks increasing their nerd factor a bit to raise a few giggles? Good for them i say.

    All us nerds should salute them.

    Luton, Loughborough and…. LA. ROFL.

  • Celebrity Murder Par

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but isn't this David Frith – famous internet / charlie brooker's screenwipe animator and Devvo collaborator?

  • Genjutsushi

    Nah, its Hot Chip in disguise… by disguise i mean, exactly what they usually wear but no one else would be caught dead in.

  • gwenhwyfaer

    Damn. I was expecting to be all po-faced and grumpy, but now I have a big smile on my face! Thanks for that 🙂

  • I was going to agree with Simon, but then I found out it was the same guy who did that Stylophone video, so I think they're awesome.

  • Eoj

    Awesome, I would go and see them :)!

  • Would the "sad highlight of certain realities" be that we're *all* dorks? 😉

  • gwenhwyfaer

    Well, given that we're all sat around on a website, talking obsessively about computers, synths, electronics, and DIY…

    …what are the odds? 🙂

  • Ah, yes, but don't confuse dorks with nerds with geeks. All nuanced but profoundly different.

  • gwenhwyfaer

    Yes, dear.

  • poopoo

    Simon Cowell is the anti-zappa?

  • aL:

    If Simon Cowell had any sort of awareness of things in the world beyond the size of his wallet, he would have known about these three months ago, when the rest of us did. As it is, his ego won't let him play along when he's roped into other people's jokes.

  • Simon

    ''genuine social misfit with a predilection for synthesizers SHOULD get totally laid!!''

    Thank you tters for describing me 🙂

  • … his domination of the Top Gear leaderboard.

    Fortunately, Jay Kay beat him down.

  • Charlie Lesoine

    Those guys look like the kings of convenience. I wonder if Simon has ever heard of them.

  • Joe

    Sorry to be a party pooper, but isn’t this David Frith – famous internet / charlie brooker’s screenwipe animator and Devvo collaborator?

    What makes you think that? Just resemblance? I'd be delighted if it were true.

  • elronhubbard

    kelly brook is a babe