D-func, one third of German DVJ trio Weissgold.TV, picked up a Lemur [on CDMo, on CDMu] a couple of weeks ago, and has put together a fantastic custom interface which controls VDMX [on CDMo] over two machines.

VIDVOX Forums – I finally found my perfect set-up!


VDMX’s UI customization is one of its biggest strengths, allowing you to create the setup which is just right for the job you’re doing. Combining this with the Lemur – a controller whose interface you create to fit the job you want it to do – gives a very sleek, unique setup. Weissgold are projecting on a pyramid, and have a tab of the interface devoted to setting this up:


Here is the screen for the right MBP (pyramid screen). I used memo’s quad warp qz. But I changed the qz file. First I needed two images from one source, because one beamer projects on 2 surfaces (= 2 beamers for 1 pyramid). Second, if you are working with triangles, some corners need to be off the actual screen, to make the transformation large enough. So I had to largen the canvas by 3.
Then I programmed an interface on the Lemur, to easily grab and move the 4 corners with my fingertips. I can switch between the left & the right image. Plus: I can “fine-adjust” each corner with the RingArea.

And the end result? Looks a little like this:

weissgold.TV @ osho, Kiel from Jan R. on Vimeo.

  • Mitch

    Sweeeet! I want!

  • Graham T

    I like the part where the two girls wiggle thier bums on the video….. and the Lemur is a bit sexy too! hehe!

  • ArmandoC

    Is VDMX the same UI that is allowing people to customize their TouchOSC interfaces?

  • Jan

    @ ArmandoC: Well, VDMX is a software that controls video in realtime. It has nothing to do with the controllers though. TouchOSC is a software on the iPhone that outputs OSC. And VDMX can recieve OSC. Thats all. If you want to customize your TouchOSC interface, you need the TouchOSC Editor. Which is in beta at the moment. I have a version running and can say that it works pretty well and is only weeks from beeing released.
    Be sure to check http://hexler.net/software/touchosc for updates.